SABIS International School, Runda: The Pride of Kenya
SABIS International School

Africa is the cradle of human civilization. A diverse continent, Africa has one the richest and most sublime mix of culture and customs. In the east of this old continent lies Kenya – a country famed for its scenic landscapes and vast wildlife preserves.

Of late, the country of Kenya is gaining traction due to its swiftly rising standards of education, with a great number of public and private universities and mid-level colleges leading the charge. The country’s schooling systems are also catching up to match the most prominent schools on the continent. But very few schools are making rounds in the educational circles as reverently as a school located in Runda, situated off Kiambu Road after the Northern Bypass Underpass. We are speaking, of course, of the SABIS® International School – Runda (SABIS® Runda).

SABIS® Runda opened its doors in 2018 to students in kindergarten to Grade 6. Today, the school offers Kindergarten to Grade 10, and will add a new grade level each year until reaching a full K-12 offering.

SABIS® Runda is an English-medium day and boarding school that aims to help local and international students in Kenya achieve their full potential by preparing them for success in university, equipping them with the skills and passion for lifelong learning, and strengthening their social values.

SABIS® Runda is the first school to bring the SABIS Educational System to Kenya. As students progress through the curriculum, their foundation of knowledge expands in breadth and depth and becomes a springboard for future learning. Students cover a broad range of subjects including English, Kiswahili – a world language, mathematics, science, Kenyan social studies, music, fine arts, and P.E.

An Inspiring Mission

SABIS® Runda strives to develop a safe and nurturing environment designed around three core pillars—academic excellence, life skills, and personal well-being. Its approach provides students with a holistic school experience, combining its proud tradition of academic excellence with outstanding programs to develop character, skill, and grit.

A SABIS Runda education is grounded in a set of shared values that encourage students to:

  •  Do their best and persevere with enthusiasm and commitment
  • Learn to be independent and take ownership for their decisions and actions
  • Be inquisitive, forward-thinking, and agile learners
  • Cultivate an awareness of self and others that is rooted in respect, empathy, and inclusivity
  • Be socially responsible citizens and active members of their community

What Matters to SABIS® Runda

Every student should develop into a well-rounded individual who is capable of mastering the skills that are essential to academic excellence and success in an everchanging world. The school aims to prepare students for university, equip them with a desire for lifelong learning, critical thinking, and logical reasoning, as well as nurture them into well-rounded, responsible, community-minded individuals who can achieve sustained success.

Drawing on these qualities, students are prepared to remain on the cutting-edge by continually re-engineering their skills, deepening their knowledge, and extending the scope of their success.

The Quintessential Leader

This year, SABIS® Runda welcomes a new School Director, Adrian Mackie. Mr. Mackie has worked with the SABIS® Network for the past 10 years in a variety of locations and capacities including teaching, department management, and as a school director. He holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Anthropology and a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction.

“I am honored to be part of the SABIS Runda family where parents, staff, and students care for each other and strive to build positive relationships that support academic, non-academic, and social growth, which prepares the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. Together, we will work as a team to provide a top-quality education to your children,” shared Mr. Mackie.

A Holistic Learning Experience

SABIS® Runda offers its students a wide range of extracurricular activities on state-of-the-art campus facilities that allows them to develop new hobbies and interests, discover new passions, and participate in numerous sports. This includes football, basketball, swimming, music, art, dance, debate, public speaking, STEM (e.g. robotics and 3D printing), and much more. These activities are available to students after school and through the SABIS Student Life Organization – a student led mini-society at the school.

As members of the SABIS Network, students can attend the SABIS Educational Summer Camp in England and ® inter-school tournaments like the SABIS Regional Tournament (Sports), and SABIS STARS (Talent).

Aspiring to Make a Difference!

SABIS® Runda has carved a niche for itself in bolstering futures and launching all kinds of initiatives to help students prepare for their future contribution to the world. The school achieves this by:

Providing a safe, welcoming community of inclusion

“There’s a special sense of belonging at SABIS Runda – a feeling shared by our students, families, and faculty,” remarked Mr. Mackie, School Director. “Cultural diversity is an important part of who we are. Together, we represent many cultures, experiences, and viewpoints. We believe that diversity makes us richer,” he added.

Fostering a love of lifelong learning

Engaging teaching methods, along with frequent assessments, solidify student knowledge and provide a 360° view of individual progress. In every subject and at every grade level, the school’s academic approach provides a structure that promotes the mastery of essential concepts. This proven and highly effective approach engages students in a dynamic and collaborative learning environment that fosters a love of learning.

Nurturing true global citizens

SABIS Runda students become true global citizens through the study of English and world languages. Beginning with the youngest learners in kindergarten, students are taught using English as the language of instruction, and Swahili and French are stressed throughout the curriculum. The rich cultural diversity of the school along with the opportunity to learn multiple world languages helps students understand and empathize with people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Encouraging engagement and teaching adaptability

SABIS® Runda students are empowered to get involved in the school and take on leadership roles through a student- led mini-society called the SABIS Student Life Organization (SLO), which provides a context for student participation in academic and non-academic activities that include peer tutoring, event planning, community service initiatives, and much more.

Through real-life experiences in SLO, students acquire valuable problem-solving skills and develop a sense of confidence by learning from both successes and setbacks in a nurturing community. Through the SLO at SABIS Runda, students learn responsibility, adaptability, and flexibility and are prepared to face any challenge.

The Epitome of World-Class Pedagogy

The SABIS® team is proud of the fact that the school has been awarded the ‘Green Star Africa-Kenya PEV v1 Design’ rating in recognition of its consideration of the urban and climate context. SABIS Runda is the first school in East and Sub-Saharan Africa to receive this recognition and was awarded 4 stars. It is now a certified member of the Kenya Green Building Society.

SABIS® Runda is also officially recognized as a Cambridge Associate School and registered as a Cambridge International School, which allows it to offer the renowned IGCSEs and other Cambridge assessments.

Responding to the Pandemic

In response to the lockdown, SABIS® Runda seamlessly shifted to a full-fledged E-learning solution to continue to provide a top-quality education to students. When the teaching and the learning suddenly had to move to a “remote” environment, teachers did not have to prepare new content as digital lessons were already available, and students already had their E-books, which include interactive activities, audios, and animations.

“We also instated health and safety measures that ensure student and staff health is not compromised while on campus. This included daily temperature checks, social distancing in classrooms, face masks, hand sanitizing stations, and an awareness campaign,” added Director Mackie.

The Way to the Future

Looking ahead, the school will expand to a full K-12 offering. It envisions its students, like their SABIS® counterparts around the world, going on to take, and excel at internationally recognized, standardized exams such as the IGCSEs and A Levels, as well as the Advanced Placement® (AP®) exams, SATs, and IELTS, among others. These results, coupled with a balance of academics, life preparation, and self-development, will set the students apart as they attend the universities of their choosing.

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