St Andrew’s School, Turi: Nurturing Difference Makers of the Future
St Andrew's School
St Andrew's School

It all began with Jean and Peter Lavers, a couple who dedicated close to 50 years of their lives to establish a school whose foundation was the emphasis on Christian love and care. They began with limited resources, carrying out many of the tasks on their own – from teaching to construction, cooking, etc. for pupils who were far away from home. They were referred to as Ma and Pa Lavers by the pupils as they instilled a sense of family which continues to date at the school. This humble abode and place for knowledge dissemination located in Turi, Nakuru county was called St Andrew’s School, Turi.

The rising phoenix of Turi is a symbol of resilience and commitment to doing even better, especially when faced with challenges. It represents the new school rising out of the ashes of the old, in memory of the fire that broke out at the school on 29th February 1944 and destroyed everything except the Chapel.

“Ma and Pa Lavers went on to rebuild the school, and their courage and resilience, we believe, lives on as 90 years from inception, the school remains firmly in its place as a leader in the sector,” noted the eminent administration of St Andrew’s School.

St Andrew’s School, Turi is one of the oldest international schools in the region. It was founded in 1931, beginning with only 15 pupils at Prep School. Today, there are over 600 students enrolled from different countries aged 6-18. The school comprises of three semi-independent parts:

Prep School- EYFS to Year 8

Senior School- Year 9 to 11

College- Year 12 & 13

The small class sizes allow for individual attention to students. With a spread of over 450 acres, students can enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities in St Andrew’s School and enjoy outdoor learning.

Being a full boarding school allows time for many more out-of-class activities that typical students in the city, who have a daily commute to and from school, do not have. The staff live on campus to ensure that there is 24- hour care. The set-up has a cosy, secure feel to it to ensure that all learners are comfortable and happy.

St Andrew’s School, Turi, is not just known for its academic achievements but for being an all-around school that excels in sports, music, performance, and creative arts. Its alumni have gone on to do well in various careers – from farming to music, from research to technology.

The Venerated Vision

St Andrew’s School aims to develop the hearts, minds, bodies, and souls of future leaders. This is in recognition of the importance of all aspects of an individual student’s life and not just the academic side of things. The school is known for its excellent pastoral care through which it builds up students mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

“Christ is at the centre of all that we do at Turi and our Christian values define the essence of the school,” said the school administration.

Creating Independent Learners

All students wishing to get admission to St Andrew’s will take assessment tests as part of the admissions process. This is done with the end in mind, to ensure that with the right interventions, the students ultimately achieve according to their potential in IGCSE and A level exams. The teaching staff comprises of top-notch educators from Kenya (East Africa), the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.

The school’s educational philosophy focuses on creating independent learners. Students study a wide range of subjects, and they are encouraged to excel in every area of academia. The school’s faculty apply a healthy mix of modern and traditional forms of delivery in the classroom. Students adopt a global mindset and are aware that they are competing internationally for current and future opportunities. From an early age, students at Turi are encouraged to come up with their own ideas and defend their viewpoints coherently and courteously. They are taught to work with others as well as independently.


Sports: Sport makes up one to two hours of each student’s day. These include rugby, football, hockey, swimming, rounders, kayaking, archery, cricket, athletics, golf, netball, basketball, badminton, tennis, and many more sporting options.

Performing arts: Music (Choir, orchestra), Drama (Lambda), Debate (Rhino Cup).

Leadership Programmes: From Prep School to graduate level in Year 13, students have to participate in the Turi Leadership Award – an accredited 2- year diploma course whose purpose is to enhance the leadership skills of every young person before they leave Turi.

Weekend activities: The weekend activities vary depending on the age and interest of students. The rural setting allows elite pastimes such as horse riding, private cross country running and even flying lessons at the school’s airstrip. Other activities include cooking, dance, and pottery. Club activities take place in the course of the week (after school and during the weekends. Additionally, there are various programmes set up at the school.

St Andrew’s School is a leader in ‘Me School’ methodology meaning we incorporate teaching Stephen Covey’s ‘7 habits of Highly Effective people’ for everyday life in pupils from Early Years.

St Andrew’s School is a ‘Roundsquare school’, meaning at the secondary level students adapt the “IDEALS” of Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership, and Service.

Turi also has its own compulsory accredited leadership programme/diploma at the College level where students not only learn but are expected to apply their knowledge in making the school, their community, and the world a better place.

The St Andrew’s Experience

The school is set up in a serene countryside which allows for both in and out of classroom learning far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It also means the students experience unique activities within the school like kayaking, golf, mountain bike riding, horse riding, camping, etc. Its unique location truly sets the school apart from the rest.

“Our Christian foundation informs all aspects of life in Turi and while we are accepting of all people we aim to live and lead in Christ,” commented the school administration. “The concept of servant leadership is emphasized right from the beginning and our students have as individuals and collectively impacted the community around the school,” they added.

Charity and social activities for and with their peers outside of school are a prominent part of delivering the school’s mission which is to ‘develop self-disciplined, confident and compassionate individuals who live and lead with integrity’.

Career Counselling

The British curriculum is relatively career focused. Students are exposed to a wide variety of subjects and with the help of their teachers and career counselling department, are assisted in selecting suitable careers as well as the universities that are best suited for their career of choice.

The majority of students go on to study abroad and venture into various fields including business, engineering, and medicine, the arts, etc. Applications are aided by strong links between the school’s Careers Department and top universities including those from The Russell Group.

The Sixth Form college experience is curated to mimic college/university life. Students are more independent and required to take on a lot more responsibility over their school life that includes time management and activities of daily living.

Aspiring to be the Best

St Andrew’s mission is to be the leading school in Africa. To that end, the school aims at being at the forefront of educational development in the region by embracing technological, pedagogical, and policy-related advancements in its delivery.

“With this in place, we see Turi as the home (and school) of Africa’s leaders for the coming years,” concluded the proud school administration.

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