Salford College: A Revered Junction where Student Aspirations Meet Lucrative Career Opportunities

The college educates a diverse student body to become responsible global citizens and future leaders through the exposure to challenging learning environment

Quality content at par with the Industry standard, adept trainers with relevant work experience, availability of state-of-the-art facilities and advanced infrastructure, counseling services for better career direction are some of the traits which ensure future success for any student. These qualities are something that makes every institution unique among equals. Salford College is one such institute of eminence that is a favorite among students for its exemplary educational services.

Salford College has its major campuses at the wine & festival capital of Australia-Adelaide and the city of renowned Opera House- Sydney. Adelaide and Sydney have been consistently ranked in top 5 most livable cities in the world, Sydney being the most prized for education.

It is one of the largest and longest running private training providers in South Australia. The college offers quality vocational training in Hospitality, Business, Management, and English Language and more than 2000 students have been graduated from the college over the last eight years.

Salford has made good inroads into Chinese market apart from consistent flow coming from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Brazil among other countries. With the globalization of hospitality industry, Salford College sits at the right place providing the right opportunities to the international clientele for education, training and apprenticeship.

Benefits of Studying at Salford

Salford’s every manoeuvre aims towards transforming their students dreams into reality. The college assists students in:

  • Developing thirst and pursuit of knowledge and learning
  • Taking calculated risks and turning them into their favor
  • Meeting and networking within their industry
  • Getting Industrial Placement
  • Resume writing and interview techniques
  • Internship opportunities
  • Referrals to other organizations

Academic Courses that are Shaping Future Leaders

The college provides wide range of academic courses that meet the requirement of corporate world and thus makes its student future ready for any challenging opportunities.

ELICOS-EAP1 & EAP2, Certificate III & IV Commercial Cookery, Certificate III & IV Patisserie, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Business, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management, Cert IV, Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication are some of the top notch vocational programs that Salford provides to its students.

All of these courses are approved by ASQA. Salford College is also associated with these premier bodies like NRT, CRICOS, BAA-Bakers Association of Australia, ACF-Australia Culinary Federation, Study Adelaide-Govt. of South Australia enterprise, ACPET-Australian Council for Private Education and Training, Brand SA, and more.

Exemplary Facilities Paving way for Better Career Progression

The college has built a strong repute in the educational vertical through its leading-edge curriculum and lucrative career benefitting facilities like:

  • A state-of-the art commercial kitchen nested inside the 4.5-star Hotel Grand Chancellor, the campus offers classrooms; computer lab, and student break area all under one roof
  • Students are taken for excursions, library and city tours
  • College is actively engaged with diverse community associations like IAASA (Indian), KASA (Kenyan), and BASA (Brazilian)
  • End of year outdoor BBQ party for all staff and students

Moreover, Salford has a very close relationship with the industry; therefore they always do their best to help students in finding job opportunities and work placement whenever they need. At the same time, Salford has an apprenticeship program for domestic students in which they also help employers find the right candidates for the apprentice positions offered by referring its students for it and training them towards their qualification.

The college also offers $500 scholarship to meritorious students who have exhibited exceptional performance in their course curriculum and/or at their workplace. Moreover:

  • Salford College has articulation with University of SA (UniSA) and Flinders University. This offers a great opportunity for the students to pursue their bachelor’s course and get credits for 1 and 1.5 years respectively after completing their Diploma or Advanced Diploma courses.
  • Salford College is also the preferred training partner for domestic high school students for Certificate courses in Kitchen Operations, Hospitality and Business. Through NASSSA (Northern Adelaide State Secondary Schools Alliances), they provide high quality training to students from 40 different schools.
  • Salford College puts lot of focus on the Industrial Placement (IP) for the Commercial Cookery students. A dedicated resource works full time with the college to assist and facilitate the students in their IP, which lasts from 9-18 weeks.

The Trailblazer Behind Salford College

The college is thriving under the inspiring and judicious leadership of its Founder and Director Ash Goyal. He is a retired army personnel who set up this college with a mission to provide high quality education in the vocational sector for the international students. He was one of the early movers to identify the need of a trade and skill driven course for the international students which prepares them towards job readiness.

Under his percipient leadership, the college has reached to a height where it registers about 400 enrolments each year with students coming from more than 40 different countries. Unlike any other private college, Ash made a heavy investment in providing superior trainers, infrastructure, and facilities to the students. The success can be seen by the fact that Salford College has now won prestigious medals three years in a row at the highly competitive ACF cookery competitions.

High on work ethic and business acumen, his peers look up to him for advice and guidance. Being a role model for many new comers in the industry, Ash stands as one of the strong pillars in the education sector in Australia.

With a clear passion for education, links to industry, and a strong advocate of the vocational industry, Ash has ensured that the college always maintains the highest standards. “The commitment to quality, student training and welfare, strong and motivated staff is the key to success,” asserts Ash.

Ash believes that in the college the most important person is the student. This belief is the very basic tenet of Salford College. With strong links in the industry he has helped a lot of students get placed in eminent organizations, some of them even became entrepreneur. “I believe strongly in International education and the fact that learning is not just about books. Education is a broad field and international education and exposure builds people and gives them amazing life experiences which always gives students an added edge in this competitive world,” said Ash.

With formal qualification in Masters in Political Science and years of senior leadership roles in Army and in business, he brings a calm sense of leadership, a focus on tomorrow, and a clear vision.

Distinguished Alumni – Reflecting the Glory of College

  • Manh Hung Nguyen (Hunzee): From Vietnam, won the Gold at the state level and bronze at the nationals of ACF competition 2016
  • Jimmy Kiley: From South Africa, won the bronze at the state and nationals of ACF competition 2017
  • Catarina Padula: From Brazil, won the Silver at the state level ACF competition 2018

Guiding Lights of Salford

No educational institution can win students’ hearts and march towards the zenith of success without having a battery of adept trainers on board. The college feel proud of having talented mentors and does not hesitate to give a part of their success credit to these front line heroes.

Peter Dawes: Being the Training and Quality Manager, Peter ensures that all the training, assessment, and compliance process run in a hassle free manner with keeping highest standards in place. His two decade of valuable corporate experience enlightening students about the nitty-gritty of the industry and has been rewarding for Salford College throughout its illustrious journey.

Peter is one of the most passionate trainers of Salford who possesses amazing set of skills, and deep empathy for all of his students. He has a vast experience in the design, development, and delivery of training and assessment methods combined with a range of qualifications such as a Diploma of Management, Certificate IV in Business, and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Ryan Leaver: He has considerable experience working in management, education, and business development roles across a number of private and public organizations. Keen and energetic, Ryan prides himself on his ability to foster productive working relationships and has an aptitude to deliver dynamic education programs. Drawing on his vast industry experience coupled with tertiary studies in Education, MBA, Social Sciences, Information Management, and TESOL, Ryan has played a key role in the development of Salford College’s English program and continues to train students for courses related to Business and Management.

Adrian Brown: He is the Head of Hospitality campus and a renowned Commercial Cookery trainer. Adrian is a great Chef trainer and has decades of experience in the industry. Having worked as a chef, restaurant owner, and trainer, he has done everything you could do to having won your laurels.

Manmeet Chhabra: A master’s graduate in Business Studies and Bachelors in Commerce; Manmeet is an easy going and highly approachable person. He is the Business Manager at Salford who brings with himself an international work experience of more than 16 years in industries as diverse as Contact Centers, Consulting, and Education in the roles of Operations and Business Development. He oversees the marketing, business development, and admissions for both onshore and offshore clients with equal élan.

“Words of Trust”

“I am from Bali-Indonesia and doing English Preparation for Academic Studies Program here, great infrastructure with highly qualified trainers and all the admins are very helpful and always assist me whenever I need help. Have a great time here with all the international students here too. I am going to send my oldest daughter to take course at this college.”- PutuSurya AW Nak Sangsit

“I’m from Slovakia and I’m currently studying a Diploma of Business course. All staff is nice and extremely helpful towards any questions. Trainers are always patient and they really know what they’re teaching so I would definitely recommend this college to anyone who’s seeking new experiences and knowledge.”- Jakub Cerovský

“I’m doing my diploma of hospitality here, it is a great place and all the admins are very helpful specially Kristina and always come to assist me whenever I need help. Have a great time here with all the international students here too. I am highly recommend everyone to join this college”- Harry Warring

“I have completed my certificate III and certificate IV in commercial cookery; I really loved the college..!!! Very well experienced trainers from whom I learnt a lot. College also helps in Industrial Placements.”- Sophiya Karki

“I have done my RPL certificate 3 of commercial cookery with Salford College, and I am really happy about it. It was quick and the college is really efficient and professional during the entire course journey, highly recommended. “-Olivier Pedro

“I’ve been studying Adv. Diploma of Business at Salford College since last year. Salford College is one of the best colleges I have studied at. The tutors are very supportive to their students. They are always available to assist their students. The classes are well organized and equipped. The location is perfect, right in the heart of the city. Studying at Salford College was a perfect decision I made.”- Deep K Sidhu

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