Australia Institute of Business & Technology: Celebrating Diversity & Inducing Innovation at its Vibrant Campus

“To be recognised as the most innovative, premier, professional college of Australia supporting the career development of every student.”

A good educator opens the doors of opportunities for its students and provides each individual with the tools and techniques towards effective learning. Such educators nurture students with the knowledge, skills, and values that are needed to lead active and productive lives and make them future-ready to take on challenging roles. One such ace educator that is crafting success stories with its leading edge educational offerings is, Australia Institute of Business & Technology (AIBT).

With their head office situated in Mount Gravatt, one of the major suburbs of Brisbane in Queensland and another 5 campuses located within Brisbane, Sydney and Hobart, the institute is famous for providing top notch training, at par with international standards, to its students also offering practical, hands on training in their two Training Restaurants and two Engineering Workshops. Professionalism, innovative learning, and Student friendly approach are the strengths of this institute that makes it outshine among others.

Enthralling Success Journey Since Inception

Most success stories begin from scratch; AIBT also followed the same trajectory. Starting (in October 2015) humbly in a small two room office space with a staff headcount of less than ten and student roll call list of only ten, the institute has witnessed a meteoric rise in a very short period. Today, it is counted among one of the top three private vocational education providers in Australia, employing over 150 staff members, recruiting more than 3,500 international students from over 55 countries, and delivering over 100 different qualification streams across its six state-of-the-art campuses within Australia. With further plans to expand, accrediting another fifty new qualifications and increasing their CRICOS capacity to over 7000 seats, AIBT is, undoubtedly and vigorously, marching ahead to become the largest and most diversified private institution in Australia.

Igniting Wisdom with Leading-edge Offerings

AIBT offers a wide range of academic programs for the career development of its students; to name a few- Commercial Cookery, Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism, Engineering-based programs, Aviation, Nursing, Information Technology, Community Services, and many more.

The institute is associated with Griffith University and Southern Cross University and has a third-party agreement with one of Australia’s most prestigious private hospital groups and various automotive and electrical businesses. It is also registered with Massage & Myotherapy Australia.                                                                                                                

The Pioneer behind AIBT’s Success

Fiona Kee, Head of Compliance, is the leading light of AIBT. Fiona’s focused leadership style is an inspiration for others to dream big, embrace the challenges and turn ambitions, goals and dreams into reality. She has kept the business of AIBT, ahead in the Education Industry, creating waves of learning experiences for both staff and students. In less than three years since its inception, it was Fiona’s judicious leadership skills that are seen as the motivating factor behind its stupendous success. “Besides the government-owned, nationally operated VET system, AIBT is the next largest provider of VET courses in Australia,” asserts Fiona.

Distinctive Services that are Crafting Future Leaders

As a part of AIBT, every student goes through a unique job ready program, prior to commencement of their academic course. This program allows their students to assimilate easily into the school environment as well as inculcating job skills in them, such as hospitality training, first aid, resume writing and professional development, equipping students with work skills enabling them to integrate into the Australian culture. They provide internship programs as well, in collaboration with James Cook University.

In order to get students placed successfully in their reputed organisation, AIBT has located numerous account managers in various parts of the globe. Its account managers support students to participate in local trade fairs and events and even provide accommodation services for students under the age of 18. They also provide services like career advice, health insurance information, student discounts, and guide students on finding work in Australia.

Celebrating Diversity at Campus

AIBT employs over 150 multicultural staff in Australia and internationally from over 25 different countries. They pride themselves as a highly multicultural organisation that embraces diversity and internationalism which promotes a sustained, respectful, and inclusive engagement between staff and students. AIBT values diversity by hosting Harmony Days for students and employees to express and celebrate their cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity in a safe and inclusive environment. The institute is committed to helping students maximise their full learning capacity through providing them with the right tools, environment and offering support services such as counselling. This service ultimately helps international students adapt and understand Australian culture by giving them life coping strategies, broadening their exposure and enabling them to transform their dreams into reality.

Words of Trust”

I am so happy I chose to study at AIBT. The trainers are amazing! AIBT has provided me with a unique platform and many great opportunities. I would really recommend this college.”- Unwana Johnson Abasi, Graduate Studies Student

I would definitely recommend AIBT for anyone who would like to improve their English skills. I became more fluent and confident and made friends from all over the world! AIBT helped me a lot.”- Vera Muratova, ELICOS Student

AIBT has given me the opportunity to follow my dreams! My trainer is very helpful, knowledgeable, and also very engaging. I highly recommend AIBT!”- Karan Jain, Accounting Student

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