Sanjay Khimesara: Pioneer in Film Animation and Gaming Education
Sanjay Khimesara

How does education influence success in human life?

When people educate themselves, they envision their goals and achieve them; they seek education in their particular interest areas, which promptly assists in success in their careers. Emphasizing education Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Getting inspired by this thought, Sanjay Khimesara began grooming students in AVGC (Animation, VFX, Gaming, Comic) field. After his graduation, he worked in the industry for more than 30 years.

After Realizing the need for education and guidance in the following stream, he pioneered the design school known as Horizon Institute of Design. Being the Founder of the school, he guided many students to get skilled in Media and Entertainment careers and helped them by providing the right employment opportunities in a particular domain.

Apart from that, Sanjay always encouraged creative youths and students from lower-income and below the poverty line (BPL) to get free education sponsored by many corporates as their CSR activities with his HID Educational Society as President.

He also recently concluded his book by writing an exhaustive career guide towards Exciting Careers in AVGC and Digital Media in the Hindi language; he volunteers his time for community building programs as President of the Indian Chapter of UNESCO–supported Global NGO–Asifa International and inspires creativity in youngsters. Besides, he empowers women creators and volunteers in the Women Creators Program and supports the Women in Animation Chapter for India.

To study detailed information about such an intellectual Edupreneur, read ahead.

An Intellectual and Edupreneur

Sanjay Khimesara is a first-generation scholar and Edupreneur with more than 25 years of experience in communication design. He primarily emphasizes AVGC (Animation, VFX, Gaming, Comic), Graphic & Visual Communication and UI/UX design.

Along with it, he has been carrying three decades of overall experience in the industry and has always been inspired by the thought, ‘Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.’ He always encouraged inspiring creativity, community building and supporting youth by enhancing employability and creating winning careers. His school enables exclusive education and training in various forms of communication design.

Sanjay Khimesara- A Man Work-to-Rule

He is a founder of a leading Indorebased design school affiliated with the central Indian government. In 1997, Sanjay and his team began their journey by partnering with Arena Animation and offering undergraduate programs since 2003. In 2016, they got associated with the School of Vocational Education of India’s Premier University- Tata Institute of Social Science, to provide vocational skills to students.

He dedicatedly focuses on design in Media and Entertainment sector over two and half decades. He recently winded up his book writing work on an exhaustive career guide towards ‘Exciting Careers in AVGC and Digital Media’ in the Hindi language. The book is currently in the final stages of getting published.

Sanjay has been bestowed with several industry recognitions, including a Doctorate for the sake of honour. The school emphasizes all forms of designing programs, including animation, visual effects, gaming, comic and digital media.

Moreover, the school provides various programs ranging from three months to four years on graphic design, visual communication, web and mobile design, UI-UX design, game design, broadcast design, animation film design, visual effects, and many other designing programs.

Film Animation- The Quest of Adventure Out There!

Sanjay has been actively involved as a volunteer in community building since 2008. Recently on 4th November ’22, he was appointed as a President of the Indian Chapter of ASIFA (Association of International Du Film D’ Animation) and has been Director of the Asifa Animation Foundation since 2020. He is also an executive council and ‘Core Committee Member’ of ASIFA India.

ASIFA is a professional body that UNESCO recognizes for developing film animation as an art and effective communication means. In the current scenario, ASIFA enjoys representations from more than fifty countries, and for 22 years, the Indian Chapter has been operational.

A Sharp Persona- Sanjay Khimesara

Education is the key to breaking the stones in the path to success! Being a perfect educationist and a pioneer Edupreneur in film animation, Sanjay Khimesara has completed his education in various fields.

He has completed his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Government Engineering College, Ujjain, and his MBA in marketing from IMS, DAVV, Indore. He commenced a design school named Horizon Institute of Design (HID) in 1997. Since then, he has been an active contributor to the Media and Entertainment Sector and has received many awards and recognitions during his journey.

Recently, he received Eduspark Award 2022 from Animation Xpress for his contribution to AVGC education, the Humanitarian Excellence Award 2022 by the I-Can Foundation, the Golden Pixel Award as the backbone of the AVGC industry, an Honorary Doctorate Degree from an International University in Design Management, Business and Corporation Leader: 50 Under 50 in 2022.

Apart from these awards, Sanjay received the Indian CSR Award 2021 and the Indian Achiever Awards 2021 and was recognized in the top 100 admired people in education space 2021, Global Educational Influencers-2020, Captains of Industry, Trailblazers of Education, Icons of Education, Excellence Awards for Socio-Economic contribution, Four commendation certificates from state police, appreciation from I-Can foundation for humanitarian award-2021.

Victory Comes from Finding Opportunities in Problems!

HID is rated as the premier school of Central India, and it is termed a pioneer and trendsetter organization. The school has been at the forefront of skilling and helping upcoming creative youth by employing support from leading conglomerates like Aptech Group, Tata Group, Autodesk, NSDC, MESC, Epic Games and many other corporates.

The school is also supporting marginalized youth seeking self-employment, freelance, and jobs in their specialized domains. The students from lower income groups or below the poverty line category get free education supported by the leading corporates under CSR initiatives at HID Educational Society.

In HID education society, Sanjay has volunteered in the community building of creative artists under animation and filmmaking throughout the year. Besides it, he is also managing various initiatives, including Calls for Entries for AVGC Projects from Students & Professionals, Masterclasses, Behind the Scene, Boot Camps, Workshops, Making of Successful Projects under various programs like-International Animation Day, Awards of Excellence, C.G. Meet-up and many more initiatives.

Since 2021, Sanjay has been actively empowering women creators and managing a Women Creators Program across Southeast Asia for Epic Games (Unreal Engine) via ASIFA India.

Accolades Hit the Jackpot

  • Design School students received over 250 accolades and have been a part of seven Oscar Awarded Films for Outstanding Visual Effects and Editing and four National Awarded films for their animation and visual effects.
  • On 15th August 2022, he received Humanitarian Excellence Award for Social Impact towards contribution to society.
  • Nationwide Award 2022: Business and Corporate Leaders- Under 50.
  • In 2021, and received Red Achievers Award.

There are many awards and recognition Sanjay has received in his career. Moreover, the students of HID also achieved many awards and recognition for making the school pioneer and expert in the AVGC domain.

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