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School of Hospitality & Tourism Galgotis University

“To impart high-quality education to graduates and nurture them into competent professionals who can contribute to all spheres of professional activities while upholding ethics and human values”- is the mission statement that School of Hospitality & Tourism (SOHT), Galgotias University, Greater Noida strongly believes in.

SOHT is committed to deliver the best education and training to students by providing premium infrastructure, robust and holistic curriculum, impressive and efficacious practicum, finest learning platform, and conducive environment, along with the best scholastic and co-scholastic development of learners. The institute grooms professionals who can quickly excel confidently in any path they choose.

The SOHT started its operation in 2012 and has been ranked as 2nd Best Hospitality Institute in the State of Uttar Pradesh and 6th Best Private Hospitality Institute in the country (as ranked by prestigious GHRDC) in a short span of 10 years. With a view to providing students and faculty members with the optimum contemporary learning and research environment, SOHT is committed to an ambitious ongoing investment in buildings and facilities, the results of which are clearly visible today.

Focus on Infrastructural and Educational Excellence

Galgotias University campus is set in 52 acres of rolling greens at a prime location on the Yamuna Expressway. The campus is close to some of the finest infrastructure being built in the NCR. The management is consistently investing and upgrading in the best facilities for the students. The university is equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment, networked computer labs, Wi-Fi-enabled classrooms, student common rooms, state-of-the-art kitchen, bakery and confectionery units, training restaurant and bar, front office labs, and model guest rooms. The SOHT boasts of the most exemplary infrastructure and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities with the latest equipment and gadgets. This has facilitated the institute to be certified by the “Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)”, under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Besides this, the cafeteria is located in the centre of the campus on the ground floor where students and staff can enjoy a wide array of meals provided at a reasonable cost. The open layout of the cafeteria also serves as a hang-out point for discussions and interactions. The SOHT’s ‘Hospitality & Tourism’ courses are highly inclined towards industry-specific norms. As per the management, today, both national and multinational organizations consider the aspects of personalized services and customer satisfaction as the critical mantra to any successful business, thereby making endless opportunities for hospitality and tourism graduates in the market.

SOHT, Galgotias University offers the following job-oriented professional programs:

  • Certificate in Tourism Studies (CTS) [8 months]
  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism (18 months)
  • BBA (Tourism & Travel) [3 years]
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management (BSc HM) [3 years]
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) [4 years]
  • MBA (Tourism & Travel Management) [2 years]

Prioritizing Learning Outcomes of the Highest Levels

The SOHT believes that a learning outcome describes the overall purpose of participation in an educational activity. Courses are planned with a measurable learning outcome in mind. Objectives are used to organize specific topics or individual learning activities to achieve the overall learning outcome.

The SOHT’s Program Educational Objectives are:

  • To undertake global assignments and demonstrate skills and abilities in hospitality and tourism services.
  • To engage in professional and entrepreneurial activities in leadership roles in the hospitality and tourism industry.
  • To be involved in adopting emerging technologies for creativity and innovation to provide solutions in hospitality, tourism and allied services.

The SOHT’s Program Specific Outcomes are:

  • To be able to interpret global trends in the hospitality and tourism industry and improve service quality through effective use of information and communications technology.
  • To effectively collaborate with tourism and hospitality service providers and profess a customer-centric attitude in diverse service situations of the industry.

The SOHT’s Program Outcomes are:

  1. To apply the knowledge of hospitality & tourism fundamentals and departmental specialization for the solution of complex service problems.
  2. To identify, formulate and analyze service problems to provide hospitality & tourism products and services.
  3. To design service components and processes that meet the specified needs of guests.
  4. To create & apply appropriate resources & modern tools for hospitality & tourism services.
  5. To apply reasoning to assess societal, cultural issues and professional responsibilities.
  6. To commit to professional ethics and responsibilities of the hospitality trade & practices.
  7. To assess the environmental impact of hospitality practices for sustainable development.
  8. To communicate effectively on service activities with the community and society at large.
  9. To recognize the need for and prepare and engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

The Dedicated Dean and Faculty Members of SOHT

“The hospitality industry deals with two basic needs of human beings – food and shelter, a vista which can never wane away with time,” states Prof. (Dr.) Rajiv Misha, the Dean of SOHT.

Prof. (Dr.) Rajiv Misha is very keen and committed to delivering the best education and training to students by providing premium infrastructure, robust and holistic curriculum, impressive and efficacious practicum, finest learning platform and conducive environment, and the best scholastic, co-scholastic development of learners. This helps in grooming professionals, who can easily excel with confidence in any path they choose. He has always been successful in inspiring students to become better citizens apart from transforming them into successful industry professionals. Prof. (Dr.) Rajiv is instrumental in various rankings and ratings of the institute alongside facilitating premier accreditations and industry-academia partnership deliberating the best benefit of students and learners. He is endeavouring to make hospitality & tourism erudition very multifarious and integrative by keeping the curriculum abreast of latest trends and innovations happening in the contemporary industry. He conducts curriculum conclave, wherein detailed deliberation on curriculum revision takes place across the diverse programs and domains of Hospitality and Tourism with the presence of all the associated stakeholders like – students, parents, faculty members, alumni, entrepreneurs, and industry experts.

He emphasizes students’ learning through experience, round-the-clock mix between the academics and the practical, and a firm reflection of belief to produce effective business leaders and professionals in the hospitality and tourism domain.

Our most talented, highly skilled and committed team of Faculty Members are striving to prepare graduates to compete with industry standards regarding their professional skill-sets apart from attaining educational prospects. Faculty Members are much concerned in maintaining quality issue in the domain of hospitality & tourism education apart from maintaining all measures of accreditation and evaluation to keep the programs & courses as strong and competitive in terms of its objective, nature and delivery.

Superior Extra-Curricular Initiatives

Galgotias University motivates the students and conducts one-to-one sessions to understand each student’s preferences, likes, and dislikes, based on which students are guided as to which extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are suggested/advised. Students are constantly supervised, and mentors help them whenever they require any guidance. The management makes the students understand that besides studies, they also need to focus on extra-curricular and extra-mural activities. Not only does it make them fit and healthy, but also creates a positive vibe in them and makes them socially responsible citizens.

Galgotias University makes sure that students excel not only in studies but also in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. As such, there are various activities at the students’ disposal to choose from. Some of them are:

  • Book clubs, school magazine
  • Competitions like – debate, rangoli, poster-making, flower arrangement
  • Outdoor and indoor games
  • Mass drill, NCC & NSS and community outreach
  • Chef competitions, food festivals
  • Professional development activities like – seminars, workshops, symposiums.

Winning Laurels while Educating Students

Galgotias University SOHT’s dedicated endeavours to create future leaders and seasoned professionals have earned it many awards and recognitions. The institute is ranked as 3rd Best College in Uttar Pradesh by the prestigious India Today. It has been awarded as “Institute of Excellence” by Global Human Resource Development Centre – Centre for Management Education & Research, New Delhi. The SOHT has won the “Best Private Hospitality & Tourism Institute of the Year 2021” by Brand’s Impact Education Excellence Award. It has been bestowed as “Best Hospitality & Tourism Institute of the Year” by Global Teaching Excellence Award 2021. The institute has received the recognition of “Centre of Excellence for Hospitality & Tourism.” It is accredited as “The Most Leading Education Brands of 2021” by the prestigious The Knowledge Review Magazine.

The institute’s most exemplary infrastructure and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities with all the latest equipment and gadgets facilitated SOHT to be certified by the “Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI),” under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

The SOHT is empanelled as the Ambassador of “India’s National Education Policy (N.E.P.-2020)”, a gateway to academic excellence, and it also became the first hospitality and tourism institute in India to implement 100% N.E.P. curriculum both in hospitality and tourism programs.

The SOHT always tries to build harmony among students, parents, alumni, entrepreneurs, educators, and industry practitioners in exchange for workplace skills and groomed professionals who can quickly excel with confidence in any path they choose.

The institute has proudly produced seven successful alumni batches, who are placed across various domains and spheres of the industry in India and abroad. The SOHT is proud to achieve 100% training and placement for all the graduates. Within a short span of 10 years of inception, Galgotias University has become one of the best education conglomerates in the country. The university is devoted to excellence in teaching, research, and innovation. Furthermore, it strives to develop leaders who can make a difference in the world.

Let’s join & experience the charisma & elegance of the leading hospitality & tourism institute of Northern India!

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