Schools might reopen from September.
Schools reopen|Education

There had been numerous reports doing the rounds stating that schools were going to remain shut till December of 2020. The Government has clarified these claims by stating that they have not yet made such a decision. Due to the ongoing pandemic, schools had been closed since March and according to the Education Minister, schools will reopen after the discussion with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Home Affairs.

It has been reported that various institutes from Assam, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, to name a few, have been considering to reo0pen schools from September. This has been a reason of panic amongst parents as they are not willing to send their students to school and have also been demanding a reduction in syllabus. They state that that online classes should continue.

When schools reopen they will have have all precautions in place and they would take all the necessary steps to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene.

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