MyCaptain launches free e-learning classes on its seventh anniversary

MyCaptain, an online learning portal in India, today unveiled the ‘freemium’ edition of its smartphone application and website, which will enable users to take free live sessions, micro-courses, and sample lessons covering more than 40 possible professions and subjects.

With over 100,000 paying customers, Climber Learning & Careers Pvt Ltd (parent company) has achieved seven productive years of online learning and mentoring activities in India. On this point, MyCaptain decided to go further by offering a forum for each and every participant who wants to express their talent, which will allow them to grow their profession as well as their personal lives. In this endeavor, the organization agreed to offer for the first time ever a free edition of its Live Online Classes.

In addition to the introduction of free e-learning courses, MyCaptain has entered a rebranding process in line with its anniversary theme evolution. The organization also created a new logo, which is a more contemporary variant of the older logo, which has been crafted with the image of its main customer, the creator, in mind.

Over the coming year, MyCaptain expects to gain more than 300,000 paying clients, to launch foreign growth, and to get more than 3000 + professional educators on board. In addition, the organization plans to host 2000 + Free Live Sessions for students to get a glimpse in each area and learn from the brightest minds in India.

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