The Search for the Best Student from the Best Institute
The Search for the Best Student from the Best Institute - TheKnowledgeReview

In spite of what the title suggests, this article is not remotely attached to any hit film franchise or its makers, but has surprisingly been inspired by the overall concept of some movies.

There is a movie that is about this annual competition that is held in the college premises for the students enrolled in the institute. The competition consists of a set of tasks that tests their academic as well as non-academic skills. Shockingly, this plot shares a lot of relevance with the current prerequisite of a lot of recruiters who are visiting the Business Schools. The World is not looking for academic scholars, but a complete personality with expertise in a particular field. This fact holds exceptionally true in case of management students.

Academics is never Enough

If you ask a literary genius to guess the weight of an orange, then he/she would first try to remember which type of orange it is and then would recall the average weight of those types of oranges. However, if you ask a practical person, then he/she would drop the orange from a known height to estimate the time taken for the fruit to reach the ground and hence, might actually get the most accurate answer. For an MBA graduate, application of knowledge is the biggest factor. As the famous scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson once said, “It doesn’t matter what you think, but what matters is how you think.”

Management students are tuned to handle stressful situations. It is expected of them to go beyond the expectations. So, when it comes to the knowledge reservoir also, the expectation is always beyond the known context. All the reactions or the results derived are supposed to cater to the problems that are known and unknown as well.

To prepare in such a manner, the least an MBA student can do is absorb the experiences that are gained through several extra-curricular activities. In the eyes of a recruiting organization, these extra-curricular activities are a reflection of their approach, not just to their career, but also to their life. Engagement in such activities is considered as a positive trait of one’s personality.

The Importance of Extra-curricular Activities

Apart from giving a wholesome view of a person’s character, extra-curricular activities play an essential role in moulding a personality. If we observe from an employer’s perspective, it is quite evident that a candidate who has nurtured his/her activities while handling all the academic commitments is clearly well versed in managing time and responsibilities.

These activities play a discerning factor when segregating between similar academic performers. Hence, its importance cannot be undermined during the recruitment process. The students, however, should utilize the opportunities to showcase their long-term commitment abilities and dependability.

Cashing in on Personal Interests

Similar to aspiring candidates, even recruiters are evaluating Management schools based on the amenities they provide to the students in their campus. More the opportunities, better would be the grooming and hence, much eligible students. While enrolling into a programme, aspirants are scanning through the extra-curricular activities also. This way they make sure that the college is catering to all their abilities beyond the academics. In a similar fashion, various organizations are looking for candidates that don’t just excel in their academics, but also at “certain” skills that showcase the required personality traits. So, if an institute has good sports infrastructure, then it would be preferred by sports enthusiasts and connoisseurs as well as by those organizations that prefer good leadership skills and teamwork abilities. So, students take advantage of the facilities to harbor their individual interests, while recruiters take advantage of their abilities.

Right Activity fosters the Right Attitude

Coming to this issue itself, you will find that Rajagiri Business School organizes Rajagiri National Business Quiz (RNBQ). The highlight of this event is its national prominence. It is broadcasted live over various national channels and it boasts of one of the biggest prize money ever offered by any management school. The sheer magnanimity of this event attracts participants from diverse regions of the country. Best of all, this event is entirely managed by the students. Volunteers of this event are duly appreciated and hence, stand benefitted during the placements. For the participants, obviously, they are lauded for their talent.

Some colleges like Aurora PG College has laid much emphasis on the entire learning process that gels with every type of personality there is. Every student, with any kind of interest, would find a spot in their teaching process. Their unique teaching-learning process has been well appreciated by the industry and the students alike. This unique teaching methodology has even enabled them to establish MOUs with various prestigious institutes around the world.

Some institutes, like the Loyola Institute of Business Administration, have laid great emphasis on various social activities. Such institutes instill a deep sense of social responsibility, especially with a marked compassion for the downtrodden. Students with such compassionate nature are always welcome and sometimes very highly recommended. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Loyola Institute boasts of one of the highest salary packages in the country.

The Entrepreneur cell is something that is hosted at every management institute. The Entrepreneur Development Cell at the San International Business School is funded by the Amman Trust and provides the required funds from Angel Investors to kick start students’ innovative startup initiatives. These type of cells benefit the institute also as the institute has the required resources and the facilities to nurture a budding company on the campus itself.

Finally, we have institutes encouraging the establishments of various alumni clubs. Institutes like Asian Business School have a very strong Alumni network that constantly interacts with the faculty and the students to inform them of the various updates that pertains to the industry.

All these institutes have only one aspect behind every execution.

To nurture the right attitude and imbibe a sense of lifelong learning among its students

This would clearly not be possible with sole reliance on academic programmes only. They have the sound understanding that the development of a wholesome personality requires a wholesome curriculum structure.

A Great Human is a Great Student

All the above mentioned institutes have spent quite a fortune in developing a superior infrastructure and they continue to do so, not just as a part of an enrollment gimmick, but as an absolute necessity.

It is the responsibility of an educational institute to bestow all the opportunities that a student requires to shine with their unique abilities. Since, it is during their training that they discover their true potential.

So, unlike the movies, the best student is not the one who has the ability to perform every task. The best student is the one who excels in one of the tasks and continues to excel at it throughout his/her life.

Perform every task, Discover your Potential and Excel at it like no one can.

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