Education is the backbone of the society and University is the source of strength
Prof. Chetan R. Bhamare | M.A., B.ED. English | RJSPM - ACS College, Pune - The Knowledge Review

Prof. Chetan R. Bhamare

                                                                                                       M.A., B. Ed. English (SPPU)

                                                                                                         RJSPM-ACS College, Pune


Education means a form of learning in which knowledge, skills and habits are transferred from one generation to the next generation. The education of the person starts when he is born. As there are three levels of education primary, secondary and tertiary, each level equally plays a vital role in the development of the society. Education gives people the skills they need to help themselves out of poverty or in other words into prosperity. It teaches us how one can live his life better, relationships and manner of living in a society then in country and in world at global level.

The societies are known by their leaders; if they are well educated they can implement the systems in an efficient manner and easily perform their duties under the rules and equality with every person. An uneducated leader cannot give justice to everyone and thus have an adverse effect on the development of the society. Education finds its application in various fields like Agriculture, Medical, Technology and so on which provides juncture to exhibit their skill sets. The societies who knows the importance of education strives hard to acquire it. Hence, the education plays a huge role in developing a society; it can be also called as “the foundation and backbone of society”.

In general all levels of education are important but the most important one is tertiary level which includes colleges, Universities and the higher education. It concedes strength to the society. Universities provide the professional training for high level jobs, as well as the education is necessary for development of personality. The role of Universities is very important to all sectors from social as well as legal point of view. It can help in providing with the new knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of sustainable development in a community, in raising public awareness, responsible behavior.

Universities are regarded as key institutions in the processes of social change and development. Another role that Universities may play is in the building of new institutions of civil society, in developing new cultural values, and in training and socializing people of new social era. In the last two decades, higher education from the Universities worldwide has moved from the periphery to the center of governmental agendas. They are now seen as crucial national assets in addressing many policy priorities, and as: sources of new knowledge and innovative thinking, providers of skilled personnel and credible credentials, contributors to innovations, attractors of International talent and business investments, agents of social justice and mobility, contributors to social and cultural vitality and determinants of health and well-being.

Universities deals with the universality of the knowledge, they are concerned with human being in all their manifestations- biological, mental, emotional, objective and subjective-and their social, cultural and economic organizations and interaction with each other, they are concerned with the physical world within which human beings find themselves and the physical world we have created for ourselves. These things are common to the whole University endeavor whatever the discipline. They are the foundation upon which the University enterprise rests and upon which its significance for society is built. It is considered as the function of University is to provide direct in-out benefits for societies economic prosperity.

The well-being of society depends on the quality education and to make its “backbone” strong Universities are source of strength.

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