Short Cycling Affects The Longevity Of Your Air Conditioner

Many people are concerned about the efficiency of their air conditioning and heating. They worry that if they turn on all of their units at once, some areas may not get enough cooling or heating. Short cycling is one way to avoid this issue by turning off individual units when they’re not in use. However, the risk is that deferred maintenance will eventually lead to all units failing. As a homeowner, you should always make sure you’re maintaining your equipment.

It includes having it cleaned and inspected at least once a year and keeping drain pans in working order. It would help if you turned on and off units individually to keep your system running efficiently. While this may take some extra time, depending on your lifestyle, it can save money in the long run.

  • What is Short-Cycling?

If you’re worried about overworking your AC unit, you may be tempted to turn it off and on only when necessary. In other words, you want to short-cycle your unit by turning it on and off via the thermostat. Short cycling can help prevent your vents from becoming too cold or hot when running constantly. Unfortunately, it’s also a way of avoiding the proper maintenance of your system. Short cycling is sometimes a warning sign that it’s time for an air conditioner repair. You can easily hire this service from a trusted platform in Portland, OR.

  • What causes Short-cycling?
  • Clogged Air Filter

The most common reason for short cycling is clogged air filters. If you have a lot of airborne debris and bugs, the air filter won’t be able to remove it from the air. That means your system will draw in less cooling or heating than it should.

  • Poor Vent Cleaning

The vents in your unit are responsible for distributing the heat throughout your home or office. Without them, the AC or heating won’t be able to distribute how much heat it needs to make your space comfortable. In addition, reducing their efficiency could cause your unit to run longer than necessary before they become dirty enough to require cleaning again.

  • Overuse

Some people turn on their units more frequently than they need to help save money. It is often done out of habit to avoid making their home feel cold when the AC is on. The problem is that the AC will consume more energy and operate longer. As a result, it can cost more money in the long run.

  • Losing refrigerant

If you’re concerned that your air conditioner repair is short cycling, make sure your system has enough refrigerant to make it work efficiently. It is a principal reason for short cycling. A lack of refrigerant will cause the system to produce more heating or cooling than it should. It will also take longer to distribute the heat throughout your house or office.

  • Incompatible thermostat

You may notice excessive cycling if you have an older thermostat that doesn’t work with a new AC unit. Instead of working with each other, the thermostat may turn on and off more often than needed because it doesn’t know the best way to operate with new equipment in the home or office.


The bottom line is that short cycling results from deferred maintenance and is one way of skimping on your AC unit. You may have some damage to your system at this point, so you should make sure you’re taking care of it. People can do it with an air conditioner repair from a local technician before any lasting issues arise. In addition, it’s essential to maintain your unit for long-term efficiency and safety properly.

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