Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University: Uplifting the Education Fraternity with Enhanced Offerings

The vision of the institute is to be a world- class university by achieving excellence in the fields of Education, Research & Consultancy, through socially enriching and ethically responsible pursuits.

Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University is a confluence of academic, cultural and intellectual resource. It is spread over 100 acres of sprawling lush green pollution-free environment on the Lucknow-Deva road. The institute aims to promote learning and skill development through effective Polytechnic, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral programs that imbibe teaching and research specific to the changing needs of the industry and society. It encourages interdisciplinary approach and collaboration with national and international centers of excellence.

The Resourceful Leader

Pankaj Agarwal is the Chancellor of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University. As the tagline of the university says “Chase reality…dreams will follow”, SRMU guides the students staying true to this. He believes that it is the university’s endeavor to impart education which enhances the personality of its students giving them the strength of character and intellect, which teaches them to be self-sufficient in the competitive world.

“Our curriculum is therefore contemporary in nature, and incorporates various innovative programs that open novel avenues for our students. Our aim is not only to simply educate, but also to inculcate values, honesty, integrity and a capacity for hard work. At Ramswaroop our dream is to help students realize their dreams and send them into the world, as confident individuals focused on pursuing their goals”, adds Pankaj.  

An Abode of Abundance

SRMU is committed to leveraging its wide-ranging facilities to world-class standards with a goal to provide the best academia and professional resources and to prepare students for global opportunities. This makes SRMU a repository of academic and extra-curricular excellence with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities.

The institute has exceptional resources like best-in-class laboratories, nerve-center library, advanced computer center, well-equipped hostels, spacious cafeteria and, remarkable seminar halls. It also offers education loans, medical facilities, first aid & ambulance service and, transport facilities.

The university runs some effective initiatives like SRMU clubs, which are an array of student-run committees providing opportunities to students to put theory into practice. This is a platform for the SRMUans to experiment, innovate and imbibe the spirit of team work. Here are some of the various clubs organized: – SNAPSHOT- The Photography Club, EXPRESSIONS- The Dramatics Club, SPORTIZZ- The Sports Club, TECHFUSION- The Techno Club, SRIJAN- The Art & Craft Club, OZONE- The Environment Club, SURJHANKAR- The Music Club and, many others. The university has also created “The Collaboration and Industry Interaction Cell” to develop links with national and international centres of higher learning and provide its students a world class educational experience.

SRMU also offers international study tours so that the students are poised to enter the corporate world with enhanced knowledge and confidence. The campus is a repository of some of the finest events like Annual Cultural Fest: Anubhuti, Bharat Yatra, TEDx events, International Conferences and International Literary Festival to name a few. These provide plethora of opportunities and platform for channelizing youthful energy into intellectual, creative and cultural pursuits.

The SRMU Group consists of various institutes which includes Institute of Technology, Institute of Bio-Science & Technology, Institute of Management, Commerce & Economics, Institute of Legal Studies, Institute of Media Studies, Institute of Diploma Studies, Institute of Natural Science and Humanities, Institute of Education and Research and, Institute of Architecture.

Winning Prestigious Honors

SRMU has achieved many milestones and has gained a fruitful momentum by becoming brand identity in the longer run. Over the last years, it has received many prestigious honors to name a few, it has been ranked 15th in India amongst top private universities by India Today-Nielsen survey 2017, Best Innovative University by ASSOCHAM and, Top Private Engineering Institute in JagranJosh Ranking 2017. Adding more colors into play, it has been ranked 6th in India amongst the merging private institutes by OMS-Times Engineering Survey, ranked 7th in India amongst top emerging BSchools by OMS-Times B-School Survey and also awarded for “Excellence in Education”- Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand by the Times of India Group.

A Pioneer for Women Empowerment

The Women Empowerment program has a triangle of benefits which includes Women’s Cell, Establishment of NCC and, Appointment of Power Angels.

Women’s Cell: This was conceptualized by SRMU Pro-Chancellor, Pooja Agarwal. The Women’s Cell was initiated to preserve the security of the female staff, and for handling grievances at the university. It has blossomed gradually and promotes well-being at work place and provides a platform for interaction, views and, experiences.

Establishment of NCC: It took its root in the university with the sanction of platoon of 55 Girl cadets. The girl cadets have to undergo a training of three years to earn NCC “C” Certificate.

Appointment of Power Angels: Regular sessions by Women Power Line 1090 have been organized in the campus of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University. These sessions have been presided over by senior officials of 1090 Women Powerline, where the officials talked to the female students regarding the problems faced and ways to tackle it. A potential number of 74 girls have been appointed as power angels and were handed out SPO cards.

Initiative in Corporate Social Responsibility

Apni Pathshala– An initiative to spread the light to education

This initiative was taken in 2005 with an aim to provide free education to the economically weaker strata of society and uplift the communities with uphold rights of children.

National Social Services (NSS)

SRMU has motivated students to participate in social welfare and has sanctioned two units of NSS by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Govt. of India.

Adult Literacy Program

Team SRMU is collaborating with Tata Consultancy Services for promoting “ADULT LITERACY PROGRAM”. The university provides inputs for spearheading the cause of “education is empowerment” and aspires to share this power with the masses.

It also includes the initiatives of Promoting Primary Education and Sukritham.

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