Skilling and Reskilling allows Individuals to keep up with the Future
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There is nothing contradicting the fact that Automation has put forth a larger threat in the Indian tech industry. Most suppose that the machines will replace the jobs, which humans are competent enough to do. However, there is another fact backed by most that no matter how much change automation brings, human interference is of the utmost necessity to carry out procedures effectively and reasonably. A number of corporations even have acknowledged this reasoning and hence, are skilling and reskilling their employees, fabricating them for the upcoming future. A recent example is of Tech Mahindra, which reskilled its 70 percent of IT workforce, proofing them for the digital and technological future. Additionally, India’s premier tech body representative, NASSCOM projected that 40% of our country’s four-million IT workforces would need reskilling to be equipped for the future of next five years to alter and adapt to this ever-changing tech and autonomous changes. The above is just an example, which leads to the point that this adjustment not only affects the IT sector but influences all the other major sectors as well.

One also has to note down that the responsibility of skilling and reskilling falls over to the government and employers and not on corporates and employees. The firms must introduce skill and re-skilling programs for employees so that they can continue to work at the same companies for an extensive period of time. Within technical roles, it is the firm’s responsibility to prepare people for jobs that do not exist for the next five years. Their role is to make sure that technical persons are kept updated by keeping them in line with market and business needs.

On the major front, the media professionals or the tech developers have to play a sizeable role at the boundaries and be ready to be disrupted by the advancing technology. The only way to is to swap old roles with new reskilled ones, bringing them into line with the futuristic skills.

– Anmol Preet Singh

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