Providing a Motivational Medium to Unmotivated Students
Motivational Medium

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” –Thomas A. Edison

Motivation is a factor that depends on the day to day life of an individual. There are some days where situations just don’t agree to the current timeline. A lot of students maybe facing issues at home or at school or college that maybe making them feel a sense of being unmotivated. In such situations, teachers find it extremely difficult to bring up the levels of motivation in class. Such situations then tend to be contagious where the energy levels of the entire class may drop. It may also be observed that a lot of times, the error of mistaking motivation for convincing the person to push themselves, may not lead to improvements. So, to bring some change during such a time and to try and help the student loosen up a little, it’s essential to go into the depths of it and see why a student doesn’t feel motivated.

The educator needs to consider three factors that maybe the cause of dropping motivation namely –

  • Autonomy – This generally means the need to feel being or responsible for their own actions. In case of an unmotivated student, they maybe feeling a sense of immense pressure or they may be feeling like they’re pushed beyond their capacity.
  • Competence – The necessity of feeling capable or that they’re good at a task. There are various instances where a student maybe feeling like they’re lacking in some manner or aren’t able to properly complete a certain task. They maybe filled with doubt and constantly question if they’re up for the task.
  • Relatedness – This is a factor where an individual feels like they’re valued members of a certain group. A student who is not feeling motivated enough may feel like he doesn’t belong and may feel disconnected from the group.

Understanding and trying to find any of the root cause of these above, can in turn assist in bringing out a solution that can help the student or the entire class.

Understanding True Motivation and it’s Implementation

Real motivation, the one that comes from within an individual and not just externally may not build up through just convincing. After all, motivation isn’t just about elevated enthusiasm or compliments. It isn’t about harsh consequences either, it’s about providing inspiration which always stems from within an individual. The tutor needs to tap into an individual’s inner potential and try to re-ignite it which is where their inspiration will turn into motivation.

There are various methods that can be used to build up a students’ motivation and maybe beneficial to not only the individual but the entire class as well.

  1. Focus – The teachers can start by pulling away from the norms and shift their focus towards motivation. There are various classroom remedies or methodologies that are available in general to work on this cause. But if the students’ aren’t in a state to cooperate the efforts may be in vain unless the focus is primarily shifted onto motivation. This makes things simpler, helpful and effective.
  2. Beating Records – There are various instances where a monotonous school or college routine may tend to feel just that – repetitive. But bringing in a small fun element into the same routine works in piquing a students interests. One of the ways can be by using a timer and asking the students to complete a part of the task. It may be finding a certain number of words or carrying certain calculations in a set time. This can work as a shift in daily routine and instantly gain everyone’s attention.
  3. Inspiriting Collaborations Between Students – Young students tend to be extremely social but there are various factors that may throw them off the grid. They may lower their communications between each other and this may disrupt the harmony in a classroom. One method that works the best in avoiding such situations and at the build the motivation levels is by conducted group activities or projects. This can help boost communication between each other and instantly build some positivity among them as well while boosting up their moods.
  4. Encouragement – A key factor in motivating the students into something even bigger. The ideal work habits such as being attentive throughout class and increased productivity don’t entirely describe the true potential in a person. But, when a tutor sees them showing any of the above qualities, giving them a well deserved compliment maybe ideal, especially if a student has been feeling unmotivated for a long time.
  5. Physical or Practical Tasks – An activity that involves creating something such as art work or a clay figure can be fun once in a while. A history class can involve small skits to depict an important historical event. This brings some cheer and interest into class where students involve with each other, build their own source of inspiration and in turn find their motivation levels rising.

It’s important to note that motivation in may cases cannot be forced out of an individual. It builds up with time and shows up gradually which is ideally the best way to do so.  This ensures that a person slowly comes out of their blocked mind space and finds their breakthrough moment.

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