Sohil Chadha: Taking education to new heights through digitalisation
Sohil Chadha| ITS Education Group
Sohil Chadha | Vice-Chairman | ITS Education Group

Educating the present generation is a mammoth responsibility since you are creating future global citizens in today’s context. These responsibilities only multiply if you choose to drift from the herd and create a different path that others would emulate later on. Vice-Chairman of ITS Education Group, Sohil Chadha, chose to scale new heights with innovations that not only helped students and teachers but also helped him grow as an educator only to be giving the best each passing day and setting new milestones.

We at The Knowledge Review got valuable insights from the trendsetter in the field of education when he shared his incredible journey.

The Person and the Mission

Sohil Chadha completed his degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University, USA. After his graduation, he came back to India and joined the ITS group intending to bring in and implement the latest practices in modern day technology-based education.

“I am consistently working on diversifying and implementing the unique practices in the healthcare and education sectors in collaboration with various corporate houses”

Right since his association with the ITS group back in 2008, he has been handling various departments such as Operations, HR, Group Strategy Modules and Digital Platforms of some of the colleges under the group. “Over the years, I have put my efforts to enhance brand visibility and brand equity through innovative strategies and approach and implemented various technological (Digital and IT) initiatives that have benefitted students, faculty and staff members,” shares Sohil.

The Inspiration

Sohil shares that various inspirational stories urged him to be a part of the education sector, “but my ideology of transforming technical education has always nudged me to step into the education industry. I have always been ambitious in my life and very keen to know about the latest education trends and I believe that education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world. Things get easy when you are a part of the system you want to bring a change to.” With fervent efforts for making technical education better to make the students industry ready as well as to develop learners into entrepreneurs, ITS Engineering College continuously helps them start their businesses and start-ups when they complete their programs.

Role Model

“While growing up in an environment surrounded by education industry experts, I have been nurtured with the same ideology. Through the years I have come across many people who I have grown up with. But one person who has played an outstanding role in my success is my father, the Chairman of ITS Group who is also my role model since he has guided me through all sorts of ups and downs. He has nurtured me to be strong enough to face the challenges in the education industry,” says Sohil..

He adds that the best thing he learned throughout the course of his father ’s guidance is the dedication for putting consistent efforts to get the desired results and the vision he carries to deliver the best for the education industry.

Trendsetting Changes

Undoubtedly, both the current and future scenarios are cheerful for technical education. The initiative to digitalise the entire operations of the group has worked wonders for Sohil and has helped the organisation to scale new heights, he shares, adding, “I have also been investing to flourish the innovative and entrepreneurial skill in the organisation that has been appreciated and supported by the Government of India. I am consistently working on diversifying and implementing the unique practices in the healthcare and education sectors in collaboration with various corporate houses. With a vision to bridge the gap between courses and the industry requirements, I with my team have framed many courses which help students to improve their skillset to meet industry demands.”

Braving the Pandemic

With every crisis comes deep challenges and opportunities for transformation. The pandemic amplifies both familiar risks and creating new ones. However, it presents new opportunities for managing systemic challenges, and ways to build back better. Higher education had many possibilities and challenges during this pandemic period. India is one of the largest nations with many geographical variations which makes the learning process a difficult proposition in this period. “But online classes using various platforms helped us to reach out to students. Virtual classrooms have already become a popular reality and it has drastically helped our staff to keep the students engaged in their courses. Our staff members and the whole faculty members extended their support during the pandemic, to keep the studies of students on track and we have been successfully doing this since the pandemic has started,” shares Sohil.

Technology for Educating Low Income Groups

Outside the academic world, online courses show great strength, attracting people from all classes and age groups in search of new knowledge and better professional qualifications. Online learning can present an invaluable option for students from lower-income group, allowing them to access a higher standard of education without having to bear much financial burden.

“Our team is currently working out different ways to utilize technology to make online education available for everyone interested in their respective courses and to those who cannot afford to be on campus,” says Sohil.

Looking Ahead

Sohil reveals that he is looking forward to building a sustainable society through education, which is centred around extensive learning, research, and development. To effectuate this vision, the Group aims to develop new alliances and also strengthen its existing alliances with other academic institutions, corporates, government, and industry. Iaspire ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida to be recognized as a leader committed to excellence in higher education and give our students the power to innovate and discover countless possibilities through academic learning, exposure, to prepare socially acceptable engineers with adequate knowledge and necessary skills for charting out a successful career.

About the Institute

Established in 1995 the ITS Group has consistently built its reputation as a premier group of professional institutions of Engineering, Management, IT, Dental Sciences, Paramedical Sciences and Pharmacy. True to its motto “In Service For A Healthy Nation “, ITS Engineering College focus es on both the rural and urban population by providing free education, technology and transport to the people. The group utilizes the skills and experience of outstanding faculty, staff and students who share the passion of creating an institution known for its excellence and integrity.

“Being the Vice-Chairman of the ITS Engineering College, I aspire to develop knowledge and attitude in youth and encourage entrepreneurial minds et in sync with modern technologies and contemporary ways of being impactful in this domain,” adds Sohil.

Success Mantra

“I define success as living my true ambition and having a positive impact on the lives of people by uplifting them and inspiring them to think and act in ways that they may not have considered before. As a leader, I also want my staff to feel capable of achieving their goals as well as the institute’s objectives. So I make it a priority to personally help them meet individualised milestones,” says Sohil.

There are continuous developments in the field of technology, which demands the improvement of individuals at every stage. It reveals the necessity of coping with the evolution to meet success.

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