South East Asian Medical Schools; Marking an Era of Revitalized Medical Studies and Healthcare
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Spatial technology or commonly known as the Augmented Reality has already changed industries. Though these technologies are enjoying all the limelight today, the existence of these technologies can be dated long back to 1990s. However, the implication of this technology was seen in 1965 when Robert Mann had introduced the very first virtual system in medicine. This technology is used to decide the best procedure that can be used treat orthopedic diseases. Moving ahead, the world has witnessed the introduction of head-mounted display; a wearable device; introduced for VR visualizations in medicine. At present the technologies like AI and VR has greater roles to play. Starting from brain surgery, ability to see under patient’s skin, technologies that help to see through tissue and reconnect blood, some of the brightest minds are working to innovate the traditional medical procedures with state-of the art technologies. However, the matter of greater concern that arises now is, with the medical sector standing on the cusp of a reformative transformation are the future medical grads ready for the new and innovative medical world.

The medical schools in South East Asia help the aspiring medical professionals to not only keep pace with the changing trend but to drive it. Along with the rapidly growing economics linked to oil, financial industry, and tourism the countries of this area also have state-of-the-art new hospitals, hi-tech equipment and well qualified staffs. The Medical schools of this region are gradually adopting student-centered learning approaches, problem-based learning and offer their students an early clinical training or opportunities for out-of-hospital postings, and student-selected electives.  Together, they are catering the rising need of national citizens. The greatest advantage the medical school holds is its real-time adaptability to the emerging trend. “Access to Good Health “, being the central belief to these schools and working at par with the rest of the world these medical schools are working to achieve the same goal.

-Crescent CU

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