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To enable high-quality tech education at scale to masses in a cost-effective way

With the current world being digitized, the tech industry is changing at a rapid pace. The recent decade has seen a shift in the tech courses, wherein the focus is on being more and more job-centric. This has generated a skill gap between the required existing talent. Coding Ninjas is one such online training firm, which is bridging the gap between these two and is focused on teaching the latest technologies and making students work-ready.

Coding Ninjas is one of the largest online tech education company in India, teaching coding related courses in a pure play online format through self-paced videos. It uses its proprietary state-of-the-art learning management platform called “CodeZen”, which is an integrated platform for video content, multi-language editor, cloud-based compiler, an auto-evaluation system for coding assignments, and in-built Teaching Assistant (TA ) support system. The platform replicates the complete classroom learning experience into an online medium making it scalable and cost-effective for the students.

The Inception Saga

It all started with Ankush Singla, the Founder of Coding Ninjas, who is a graduate in CS from IIT Delhi and has a Masters in CS from Stanford. He always had a zeal for programming and teaching. His Stanford years had a big influence on his career and the way he approached the problem of tech education in India. Post Stanford, he joined Facebook at the San Francisco office, however, his concerns over the state of tech education persisted throughout. Even when he traveled to India to interview talent for Facebook, he saw a low level of talent, which was below par the current industry standard. His resolve to do something to correct the system grew even stronger.

This is when he left Facebook and traveled to India to venture into tech education for the masses. He started teaching coding to students in various capacities to gain experience in this domain. Eventually, in 2016, he launched Coding Ninjas, a scalable answer to the tech education problems in India.

A Well-Packed Curriculum

According to the firm, its language of instruction and its TA support are the two most important aspects of tech learning. The firm offers courses in complete English and in a mixture of Hindi + English. By doing so, the firm replicates the exact way through which students learn in their colleges. The results say the same as this mix of courses are widely popular.

While talking about the TA, the firm states, “Our TA support system is one of a kind in this industry, where we assign 1 TA for 15 students, who are available to solve all the doubts of a student. The doubts are resolved remotely through audio/video chats, code pairing system, WhatsApp groups, etc”.

Apart from the mentioned well-packed courses, the training institute also offers:

  • Self-paced course
  • Mobile App: A mobile app for Android and iOS interface, where the students can see videos in the mobile app itself
  • Whatsapp groups per batch: A WhatsApp group for every batch to give a classroom experience to the students.

Going ahead, the firm has an in-house placement cell for students with 200+ hiring partners including the likes of Amazon, Shuttl, Walmart, Cars24, etc. It also has an internal job portal where all the students can apply for interesting opportunities. Any student who completes a requisite course with a certificate is eligible to apply for job postings.

The Achievement Column

Till now, the firm has splashed its colors of success all over the country. It has:

  • Taught 15,000+ students from 1000+ colleges all over India
  • The highest completion rate for online courses worldwide
  • The highest rated (4.9 with 831 reviews in Google, 4.9 with 631 reviews on Facebook) tech Education company in India
  • Successful proof of business of pre-recorded videos
  • Network of decentralized TAs

Industry Trends and Applications

As aforementioned, the firm is bridging the skill gap between the industries and keeps updating its existing courses to keep itself in line with the industry. Moreover, it is augmenting its courses with specific skill sets such as Aptitude, English, Resume Writing, etc. to prepare students for tech interviews.

The firm has also launched career track courses, which cover the basics of coding, Data Structures and one of the Advance Development courses such as Web Dev or Machine Learning or Data science. Such courses provide a structured curriculum for students to become job-ready in the relevant chosen field.

Regarding the future, the firm states, “We currently have a small market share of the humongous market size of tech education. It is a forward-looking market and growing at a very fast pace. As a leader in tech education space, we see huge potential in scaling our business”.



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