Startling and Interesting Career Opportunities those are Commonly Unheard-of

Making a good living out of a fun job, fascinating isn’t it? From weird to exciting, and from serious to crazy, today people can make money in the ways one could not have imagined being possible. Picking an unconventional job that is distinct doesn’t just require the right set of skills and passion, but also courage. But if given a chance, one would love to do something that they are interested in and does not need a holiday from. There are various job profiles which are alien to majority of the people. Not only are they different and exciting, but also remunerative. The article explores few such jobs.


It is an off-camera or off-stage narrative in which the voice of the artist can be heard but the artist isn’t present in the original scene. Lending your voice to dubbed dialogues, animated movies/shows, documentaries, commercials, radio channels, characters in video games, and extra narratives needed in plays to define the script better, everything falls under voice-over. The basic requirement to be a voice-over artist is a good voice and be able to deliver it correctly. To match the emotions of the on-screen narrative, a voice artist must be able to emphasize necessary words at right time and add appropriate pauses between them. Acting courses can help polish the stated skills. Voice-over artists are mostly paid per job, and the average annual pay is good. The artists with great talent and more experience are waged higher.

Food Stylists

This is the perfect job for an artistic foodie. At certain places, how the food is presented is more important than how it tastes. The job of a food stylist is to display the plated food in an aesthetically pleasing way. This food is then photographed and published in magazines, cook books, websites or even on television. Sometimes, a food stylist can be a food photographer as well. Presenting the food artfully is also important in some of the big restaurants, which is further served to the customers. Although there are no educational requirements to be a food stylist, getting a culinary art degree and a photography course can be helpful. Food stylists can work as freelancers as well. Food stylists are paid well and the pay varies depending on the cities they work in.

Fortune-Cookie Writers

As the name suggests, the job of a fortune-cookie writer is to write the messages that can be found in the fortune-cookies. As simple as it sounds, fortune-cookie writers have to be creative and motivational and should be able to draft an inspiring message, sometimes with a pinch of humour, within one or two sentences. So the skill-set that is required is strong writing, good communication and a sense of humour. A graduation degree in journalism, communication or literature can be very helpful while considering this job. Fortune-cookie writing was not always a big business, but today it has become a good-paying profession. There are even a few companies that make a large number of fortune cookies and circulate them to various restaurants.

Professional Gamers

Surprisingly, now people can play games all day to earn a living. And it is not just about winning the prize money in online tournaments; it is a full-fledged profession today. It may be hard to believe, but it surely is true. A person must be prepared to play games for around eight hours a day and must be willing to practice continuously until he/she becomes a pro-gamer. This profession does not have any age limit; even a 12-year old kid with required set of skills can join the profession. Rigorous practice, watching closely the tournaments of top players to understand their methods and strategies, and being able to form the right team and working in synchronisation with the teammates are some of the knacks one must possess or develop. It can be taken up as a part-time job while starting the career, keeping the day-job as a backup, until the future in gaming seems secure. Once successful, it is a very lucrative profession.

Water-Slide Testers

Although it sounds too good to be true, water-slide testing is a real job. Moreover, water slide testers are handsomely paid for it. It is an ideal job for someone who loves adventures and thrills. It involves sliding down the water rides several times a day to ensure that the ride is fun and safe. Having an affinity for water and being physically strong is of greater advantage in this profession. The businesses offering water-slide testing jobs are hotel chains, travel companies and large water parks. A water slide rider has to keep a check on the amount of water needed in every water slide and make certain that there are zero faults in the slides, in order to ensure a thrilling and safe experience for the visitors. A professional water slide rider can also write reports about the water parks and hotels, to be published on websites and in magazines.

Ethical Hackers

With rising numbers of criminal hackers, the demand for ethical hackers is also increasing. Now-a-days, due to the increasing threats of data stealing and hacking attempts, ethical hackers are not just recruited by the government and the high-profile research companies, but by every large organization. The job of ethical hackers is to try and hack into every system of the company in order to realize the loop-holes present in its security system. Today, people can take a CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking Course) in order to differentiate their profiles from criminal hackers and learn various hacking techniques. The demand of ethical hackers is rising every day and it is a highly remunerative profession. One has to have good problem-solving skills and an ability to think out of the box, to be a successful ethical hacker.

Career options today are endless. Every interest can be turned into a profession, if a person is willing to work hard and is talented enough. It is important that people be aware and know about the career opportunities that can match their interests and skillsets. Traditional jobs are no more the only choices and there are numerous people taking a different route. A profession is perfect if it is engaging enough that one doesn’t have to look forward only to the weekends.

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