State Board of Education Poised for a Financial Solution
State Board
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For months, the State Board of Education has been grappling with a budget shortfall that threatens its operations. This financial challenge arose after House Bill 33 cut significant funding.

State Superintendent Paul Craft previously indicated that the board faces a shortfall of four to five million dollars by the end of the biennium budget, necessitating cuts. Board member Paul LaRue mentioned that various stakeholders, including the legislature, are collaborating to find a solution.

The authorities have been trying to mitigate some possibilities that could hopefully bridge the widening gap through private sources, government bodies and others.

The state superintendent of public instruction is expected to provide an update on the board’s financial situation. LaRue noted that the restructuring of the State Board of Education led to some unintended consequences. “There were responsibilities taken on that weren’t previously funded under the teacher licensure funds,” LaRue explained. “So, it’s really about finding the dollars to fill that gap.”

Despite the financial alarm sounded months ago by Superintendent Craft, LaRue emphasized that all involved parties—including stakeholders, the governor’s office, and the general assembly—are committed to resolving the issue. “It’s not as though we’re fighting an uphill battle,” LaRue stated. “It’s really just about how to make this happen.”

The next meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday in the William Green Building.

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