Stress Management Techniques for Students
Dr. M. D. Pasarkar Professor Mechanical | the education magazine

Stress is a response to sudden or frequent changes in your lifestyle like changing locations, habits or in general your daily routine. It is observed that, most of the students are not following their daily routine due to their involvement in entertaining world such as television, mobile etc. Perhaps they treat this as a most preferred in their life. Previously, entertainment media was different and time allotted was also limited thereby students used to get quality time to spend with their friends and relatives. When the body or mind is not ready to accept the change, we feel stressed. There are many causes of stress which ultimately lead to divert a person from his /her life goals. Repetitive exposure to stress will lead to long lasting psychological disorders and severe physical health issues related to heart, kidney etc. Eliminating stress in today’s world is not at all possible due to many reasons but one can be trained to manage the stress at different levels.

There are many factors which are responsible for increase in stress levels now days like lack of physical activities, participation in common platforms, eating habits, poor time management etc. Stress management in students is the first and important step. Students, if trained, can respond to any stress levels throughout their life. Acting wisely to respond stress is an effective way to manage the level of stress and is majorly depends on mental toughness. Identify the source of stress or practice to recognize the bad signals at the early stage and then be prepared to attack is the best strategy considered to manage the stress at different levels. There are many solutions to reduce the stress levels at different stages of life. Physical fitness must be given the first priority to withstand any kind of stress. Exercise like breathing techniques, yoga etc will reduce the pressure and boost the response when in stress.

Second factor responsible for not sustaining the stress value is openness. Students do not prefer to open up about their problems with their parents, friends, relatives etc. This is reducing the comfort zone area and lowering the chances of solving the problems at initial stage. It is always preferable to solve the problems at initial stage only and that requires lesser energy too. So, spend quality time with your family and friends, if possible.

Third factor which is most dangerous is changing eating habits in recent years. Students mainly prefer ready packaged foods. Fast food or junk food will not provide energy required to withstand the pressure. Regular eating at specific time is a right step to manage stress at any specific level of life.

All the students must learn and adopt time management technique to reduce the stress. Last minute rush to complete the assigned activity will unnecessarily increase stress. It is observed that, most of the students need to practice time management right from the graduation level to keep the pressure away.

Let us change the way we live everyday and be positive to handle the heat and don’t accept the slow change in pressure acceptance building around you.

Best luck and enjoy stress free life.

About Author:

Dr. M. D. Pasarkar, currently working as a Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department, at Nashik. He has 21 years of experience. He has many research publications on his credit and 5 filed patents. His research interest is Computer Aided Design, Robotics, Mechanical Vibrations and Noise and Education Technology. He is trained soft skill trainer and working on various stress management techniques. He is also a member of various technical societies and reviewer of many international journals. Recently he is invited as a Technical Committee Member for 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence- AIACT-2019 at China.

He believes in Synchronization of thoughts and energy along with connectivity and faith which is very much required to build a master piece.

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