Studying Business Administration in United States in an easy achievable manner
Studying Business Administration in United States -Theknowledgereview

From negotiating or approving contracts and agreements, analyzing financial statements, making sales reports to analyzing performance indicators, a Bachelor or Master degree in Business Administration (BBA or MBA) can help students obtain many such abilities. The study of Business Administration deals with the performance or management of business operations in regards to making or implementing major decisions on organizing people and resources to drive activities towards set goals.

When it comes to combining knowledge and theories of finance/economics, human resource, marketing, information systems, accounting and law, then studying Business Administration is the best choice. The study of Business Administration encourages students to analyze and execute ideas considering the operations management, human resources management and general management. Even the career options that follows after the successful completion of the Business Administration course includes options such as office manager, business owner, risk management consultant, financial planner, purchasing agent, research analyst, marketing representative, quality assurance specialist and much more.

Here I would like to list some short term courses that would not only allow the study of some very interesting course, but would also be completed in a comparatively shorter period of time as compared to the traditional course-

  • Global Summer School-Global Enterprise
  • Strategic Business Management
  • English for Business
  • Specialized GYPP in Management
  • Business Administration
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Microeconomic Analysis for Business
  • Spanish for Business and the Professions
  • Business Continuity
  • Business English
  • Business for Scientists and Engineers
  • The Social, Political and Ethical
  • Valuation
  • e-Business-UK
  • Business of Social Innovation
  • Business Administration
  • Meaning from Data: Statistics Made Clear
  • Online Business of Craft Brewing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business Management
  • Hospitality Business Management
  • Hospitality Business Operations
  • Fashion Business
  • e-Business
  • School District Business Leader
  • Bookkeeping-UK
  • Bookkeeping-USA
  • Business Management-USA
  • Business Management-UK

Most of these courses are short term courses and certificate courses from top deemed Business schools.

I have just listed them to inform some aspirants that if they have an interest in any particular field, then there is a customized course in Business Administration to give that much required career boost.

Ujal Nair

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