Success_My Way..
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Success_My Way…

How do you define success?
Is it wealth?
Is it happiness?
Or is it your life?

Success is a state achieved when one attains their goals after walking long miles in their life. It is not like getting things in a single day, but it really needs dedicated enthusiastic work and strong determination to have a nice taste of success. It is the result of many years of sweat by mere satisfaction and beautiful thoughts rather than target achieved. “Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered” says Lucille Ball. Likewise, many failures knock your door only to open the gate of success. Bees won’t stop their work though their beautiful craft of honey is being used by people. So, with fulfilled optimism, you can feel success as you are born for it.

Questions that should hit you on the way to success are as follows.

  • How can I tackle this problem in some other way so that I can succeed?
  • What do I need to do to take control of my future?
  • What resources are available to me?
  • What other strategies might I try?

Many people used to say that success is the result of hard work but we should do smart work to have an efficient result and cent percent satisfaction. To be a successful person, you need to be courageous like a mountaineer reaching high peaks with his own striving potential and will power. We all know Ludwig Von Beethoven, a great composer of the world who was inspiration for many, was orphaned when he was 2 years old and became deaf at his age of 25. Though he cannot listen to his own music, he gave himself to this world with his truthfulness. Put your foot forward to enjoy further chapters of your life which will enlighten the way that leads you to success.

About the Author:

Vijay B is an engineer by education, a passionate teacher by profession, educator by choice and an enthusiastic learner by mind. He aspires that education can ignite our future persistently and also belives in “Attitude is everything”.He has coordinated various research  related activities and bagged many awards for his innovative projects. He is currently positioned as a Math teacher in a K12 CBSE school, Chennai.

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