Being a Successful Coder is Not Easy
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Not everyone is good at programming, you can learn programming at various institutes, but learning and making a career out of it is completely different. There’s a big chance that you might be a very talented programmer but still, you lack the needed edge over others in professional life. There are few more things added to programming. So, here are some points which will help to point you in the right direction.

Coding purely depends on logic, but it is ultimately an Art, and like all other forms of art, it needs a certain amount of creativity. A new program is like an empty canvas, where you can use coding languages, frameworks, and others to create new programs. So, to create new programs, you should be willing enough to experiment, as without experiment, you cannot approach problems from different angles. By approaching from the same angle, programing becomes boring and over the time you will lose interest.

Always avoid Typos in Your Codes. These kinds of errors are quite common and frustrating as misspelled variable or function name can hurt codes. Adding to all these, typos are not at all easy to spot. So, you need to be extra cautious while writing codes and you should also choose functions and variable that are easy to pronounce and spell.

You should also try to write functions that can only perform A Single Task Only. Functions that perform single tasks are always short, which makes it easier to maintain. A function which is long is harder to test than the shorter ones as most of the times they have paths through them.

You must use an Industry Standard Encryption Library which will eventually protect your sensitive data. When these data travel over shared networks, they are prone to interceptions that might endanger the data. So, sending data over shared networks is not at all acceptable and you cannot use your own encryptions.

You must make an estimate on how many users will use the project, how fast it will run and how much scaling is expected. Making an Estimate will make your life much easier as then you can choose a suitable framework for developing your application much more easily.

Let’s be honest, programming is boring after some time. So, you must be Self-Driven and your motivation to write those same codes repeatedly must come from inside. You need to love the act of coding, and if you start to hate the act, you will never be successful.

If you want to be a programmer just to make some Quick Cash, then I’m afraid to say, you’re in for some big disappointment. The various success stories going around might increase your expectation which is mostly false. Already a lot of people tried their hands at making quick money, but failed miserably.

Life of a programmer revolves around his computer, so you need to spend A Lot of Time in Front Your PC. This may result in distractions and loss of productivity. So, if you are not comfortable enough to sit a long time in front of a computer, then your productivity will be hampered to a large extent.

So, these are few points you must remember while pursuing your degree in programming. Just like every other carrier options, programming is not also easy and you can not make quick bucks from it. However, if you can stick with it, then programming can be a very rewarding career option for you. So choose wisely.


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