GRE: Is It Any Better than GMAT?
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GRE is being more widely accepted at various top MBA schools around the world and especially in U.S. According to a recent survey, 90 percent of business schools across U.S and Great Britain now accept GRE and GMAT both.

Now top-tier business schools like Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Duke, Yale all accept GRE scores and one can easily expect that more and more business schools will start to accept GRE scores in coming days. So, now you have the option to take GRE instead of GMAT, but is it really worth to take the GRE? Don’t be confused. I will help you out with the positives and negatives of taking GRE in this blog. So, set back and go through the blog to have a better idea about GRE.

Do you Struggle with grammar and logic based questions? Then GRE has some relief for you. You just need some familiarity with logic based questions and grammar, but not to the extent that you would need for GMAT.

When it comes to GRE, You Can Skip Questions. However, on GMAT, you cannot skip a question and return to it later, as it is mainly a Computer Adaptive Test. On the other hand, GRE allows to skip questions and return to it later, which allows different time management strategies.

If you don’t like Mathematics then GRE has some good news for you. In GRE, math is a bit easier than GMAT. However, that doesn’t mean it’s too easy, but it is much more approachable than the math of GMAT.

Taking GRE opens a Ton of Option for you. If you change your plans or you have discovered any new passion then with a GRE score you can choose a number of graduate programs. However, with a GMAT score, you are stuck with only business schools.

Taking GRE will Cost you much lesser than taking GMAT. As GRE costs only $185 and GMAT costs $250, though there are many for whom a difference of $65 is not much. But if you’re a student who is mainly dependent on pocket money or money is an issue, then GRE is a better bet.

GRE is also better for those students who are looking for a Dual Degree Program, as most of the dual degree programs need GRE scores over GMAT scores.

If you intend to take GMAT test, then you might need to travel a bit for taking the test. On the other hand, GRE is Offered in Many Places across the world and it is administered in many places. So, you don’t have to travel much which will save you a considerable amount of money.

However, just like GMAT, GRE also has its own negative points and they are described below.

GRE emphasizes heavily on Vocabulary, and it is far more advanced than GMAT. So, you might need to spend a considerable amount of time studying vocabulary, if it is not your forte.

Since schools have recently started accepting GRE scores, it’s not clear how they Evaluate the scores or how much importance they carry. At the end of the day it is a big turnoff.

If you have been working in a field or you have received your undergraduate degree without much quantitative aspect, then GMAT is slightly better for you. A high GMAT score will Increase Your Chances to be admitted to the school of your choice.

Last but not the least, if you are very good at exams and Can Score More than 90 Percentiles easily, then GMAT is for you. It is always better for those who are from traditional business school background. Another big advantage of taking GMAT is, it is accepted around the globe.

So, here I have listed out few pointers, which will help you to decide that should you choose GRE over GMAT or not. At the end, I can say GRE is quite good but it’s new and the acceptance of GRE is yet unknown. However, on the other hand, GMAT is tried and tested and it is accepted in most business schools.


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