Sujan Ghosh: A Passionate Training and Learning Interventions Enthusiast
Sujan Ghosh
Sujan Kumar Ghosh | Managing Partner | Head of Business Development,

Education presents every person, the power of change. How one utilizes that power is a matter of personal choice. While some are happy to have brought a change in their own lives, some go beyond themselves and their immediate surrounding to change as many lives as they can.

For Sujan Kumar Ghosh, working for the expansion of learning & training opportunities isn’t just a job, but his passion. Working with the BIBM (Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management), he now holds more than ten years of training and certification program administration and management experiences. Besides, he is also working with QoQ Asia Limited as Managing Partner and Head of Business Development.

Sujan has operational experiences for learning, training, and corporate educational certification programs. He has had the opportunity to work very closely in several learning interventions and training programs for soft skill, functional skill, and technical skill development both in-house and outreach training administration. He has experience in developing cost-effective training options to meet the specific business needs of an organization and is a certified Learning & Development professional.

Sujan, an avid writer and a passionate poet, has several research articles published under his name in local and international journals. When not busy with the biggest organization of the country, one can find him reading e-books and magazines. And on one such not-so-busy day we got Sujan answering some of our questions.

What is your idea of an educational influencer? How do you align with that idea?

Educational influencer may be a classroom teacher, facilitator, learning and development specialist, education enthusiast, professional content creators, learning opportunity expander, or EdTech experts. As a staff of BIBM and possessing working knowledge with QoQ Asia Limited, I have had the opportunity to work very closely in the expansion of learning opportunities and skill development for the corporate staff especially the bankers.

According to you, what qualities do you think are required in a successful leader?

A successful leader needs a solid understanding of oneself and should also have confidence. When you believe in yourself, you can accomplish so much more. A Successful leader is the power and intellect behind his organizations. He is the visionary charged with steering his brand around pitfalls. He must know when to seize opportunities and how to rally employees to work hard toward their goals. I believe a successful leader always breeds followers and know how to use one’s skill properly.

What’s the one thing you would change about the education system (nationally or globally)?

In the global education system, there is a lack of applied knowledge. After getting skill training, he/she can’t use the fruit of learning, because he/she doesn’t know where the link between theory and practice lies. I believe the best education system makes a point to lead by example, and not simply by words. It’s easy to spell out rules and dictate from an ivory tower, but this type of education will not have a large impact.

In your opinion, what is the best way to establish a good relationship among students, staff, and parents?

I think engaging the students, staff, and parents in a social cause would be a great way to establish a good relationship among them.

What aspects of your job are the most challenging and how do you overcome them?

Corporates, especially in Bangladesh, have less interest to invest in Learning & Development. Therefore, low budget allocation sometimes makes a huge challenge to do work. Besides, the education system, exists here, doesn’t breed a good trainer.

What advice can you give to the aspirants who seek to become influencers or leaders in the field of education?

I always request them to concentrate on real-life learning. So that they can understand the pattern of training need. Besides, they should always be positive to engulf the positive adoption to use new knowledge and technology.

How do you perceive your career to be in the near future?

I have a dream to work for the expansion of quality learning interventions for the corporates in Bangladesh. I always loved training and learning interventions on the excitement of landing new people. My goal is to become one of the leading front-liner on quality and effective training providers and facilitate the skill development process of the professionals.

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