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Sunshine House makes every effort to provide a happy, secure environment which focuses on the child’s need for security, love, care, and attention.

A Chinese proverb has rightfully stated, “Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.” Sowing the seeds of education at an early age in children will help in building a foundation of education for a lifetime. Young children are naturally observant and curious, hence, through right guidance; these children can be developed in every sphere and prepared for a broader education.

Acting as one such platform of guidance, preschools instills in its students with all the skills that would be needed in the future. Starting from social and emotional development, preparing students for school, promoting language and cognitive skills, to familiarizing with academics, preschools shape the journey of a child. One such preschool that is favoring play time as well as instilling its students with all the future needed skills is Sunshine House.

Perfecting Education for Pre-schoolers

The long history of Sunshine House; a vibrant and nurturing chain of the preschool which is committed to providing the utmost care for young children has earned it an unmatched reputation. Having excelled in creating a community of life-long learners, Sunshine House aids every kid to grow and prosper in the cycle of life. Its prime focus is to help its student develop a positive attitude towards learning and proper respect for others through a happy, caring and relaxed environment. In its attempt to achieve this vision, it offers a well-balanced curriculum and other opportunities. Following the British National Curriculum combined with specific Asian components, the student-centric curriculum of Sunshine House provides relevant and challenging learning skills for reading, literacy, numeracy, art and design, English, geography, history, music, physical education, environmental studies, and Putonghua.

The end result being, student’s inclusive development, Sunshine House has adapted novel and innovative strategies to create a warm and comfortable environment for students. It has ensured that knowledge is disseminated through exciting, enriching, and theme-based activities both inside and outside the classroom. Propelling its philosophy, “for the love of children”, Sunshine House has committed itself to provide the finest start for any children.

  • Addressing each child’s intellectual, moral, social, emotional, and physical development
  • Offering a range of learning opportunities, helping students acquire skills and competencies across a diverse range of areas.
  • Striving for consistency and continuity
  • Fostering in students with respect for the rights and needs of others
  • Encouraging students to value achievement in all aspects of life and to strive for excellence
  • Promote working with and helping others
  • To encourage children to be receptive to learning
  • Provide a safe, structured and caring environment conducive to working and learning
  • Encouraging parental participation in the education process

Guided by the aforesaid values and anchored with love, Sunshine House committedly works towards the harmonious development of its students in academics, personality, and global citizenship. With all this in place, Sunshine House has successfully bridged the gap between home and primary school.

Spearheaded by Howard Stribbell, the Sunshine House blends education with fun and paramount care. Backed with a remarkable history of supervising top international schools in Macau, China, Thailand and Cambodia, Howard brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise to this well respected, vibrant and nurturing preschool that has served Hong Kong faithfully for over 20 years. With the guidance of Howard and the association with Canadian International Educational Organization (CIEO), Sunshine House has widened the scope and depth of the pre-school spectrum.

“We are committed to ensuring that our students are adequately prepared for entry into their primary school of choice,” comments Howard Stribbell

“At Sunshine House, we strongly believe in the opportunity for bilingual groups and total immersion in Putonghua. Living in Asia presents a unique opportunity to develop the language area of a child’s brain during the most critical period of development.”

Inculcating Values at an Early Age

Having pledged to prepare children who are economically independent, skilled, and innovative individuals, Sunshine House offers the best education. Its well-structured curriculum, qualified staff and programming that is developmentally appropriate for young learners in Playgroup, Nursery, K1, K2, and K3, not only creates an ideal pre-primary setting but also develops its students into a superior human being.

When children are taught to appreciate the world at an early age, the chances of them taking initiative to protect nature are high. Propelling this thought, Sunshine House has specially designed programs with a vision to generate a passion among its students for protecting the planet earth.

Sunshine believes that it is its responsibility to assist children towards their growth and help them understand the world around them. Hence, Sunshine House embraces all strategies it can implement to achieve the abovementioned goal. A good example of this is the, “For the Love of Earth,” innovative environmental program introduced by Sunshine House  that aims to nurture young children into global citizens with fidelity towards Mother Nature.

  • Mother earth is our only home and we must take care of her
  • There is an interconnectedness to all life on our planet
  • There is a proper order to life and events on earth
  • We must take care of our animals and endangered species

The children at Sunshine House are fostered with the aforesaid principles and are guided to follow it throughout their life. Starting with gardens to potter around and planting their own fruit, vegetables, and flowers, Sunshine House brings nature to its little ones. Since its inception in1990, Sunshine House has been zealously working to offer a safe and caring environment for students while making sure of the holistic development of its students.

Completing the community of Sunshine House is its vast pool of alumni (100,000 ex-students), who along with the staffs of Sunshine serve as role models and buddies for the younger children. Working alongside, they encourage children to take greater personal and moral responsibilities and give them the skills that will set them up for life, which in turn builds self-confidence, self-worth, and global awareness. This preschool has led and hosted some successful Charity events such as Southside Charity Lunch as well as Charity sales for Children’s Cancer Foundation.

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