Suresh Dani’s Classes: Opening Doors to Academic Success
Suresh Dani’s Classes

The institute aims at providing quality to deserving students at the ideal cost.

Founded in the year 1970, Suresh Dani’s Classes popularly known as SDC has its main operational office at Andheri West. They also have branches in Kandivali West, Borivali East and West as well as in Dahisar East. Initially, the classes were started with an engineering course for the students after which they were extended to the science classes for students in XI and XII. The present count of students stands at 1500 and has ensured best quality coaching and training for them in an ideal set up. The original intent of the classes was to provide an opportunity to learn for the less privileged yet deserving students of the society. They believe in not compromising on the quality yet charging them with nominal fees.

About an Adept Personality

 Suresh Dani is the Principal and Founder of SDC who has put immense efforts into making the classes what they are today. His years of struggle and the ability to impart excellent academic knowledge have brought the classes to the top of the list. The students of SDC owe their success to his multiple years of experience. His dedication towards educating students extends out beyond the boundaries of the classroom and into their homes. He takes the personal effort to visit their homes to sort or solve any doubts they may have. Suresh’s expertise lies in the fact that he holds an M.E with distinction and has trained his own sons who are now well educated engineers. They also assist him with the management and development of the institute. Suresh’s son, Samir, Anand and Prashant help their father in his love for teaching and helping students.  The success of SDC is also credited to the efforts by his wife Manjulaben and his nephew Vishal since the inception of the classes. There has been immense hard work involved in the their successful achievements.

Facilities Provided to Ensure Academic Development of Students

The students of SDC are given ample provisions to make sure that they are able to learn in comfort. They have a reading room and a library which functions from 6:30 AM to 9 PM in every branch. The institute also takes immense care in ensuring the well-being of the students and the management. Throughout the year, it organizes lectures, doubt solving sessions, extra coaching and  also visits by professors to the students’ homes to provide them with additional assistance during their Annual/Board Examinations. SDC holds pride in teaching and taking care of the students until the day before their examinations. This is a quality that is rarely found and is the key USP of their classes.

Developmental Steps to Build Student’s Interest Towards Science Education

While the students wait for their Board’s SSC or HSC examination results, they are given the opportunity to work at the institute. They offer the scholar students the chance to help and guide their juniors in solving problems and any doubts that they may have. The vacation thus also turns into a time of learning. It also helps as a revision, while also preparing anyone for becoming a trainer at the institute. Many of the students upon completing their graduation in engineering or medical opt to join the teaching profession and work towards carrying the tradition further.

Exploration of Various Career opportunities Upon Course Completion

SDC has continued to ensure that the students from their institute find better and interesting opportunities upon completion of the course. The primary aim of SDC is to make sure that the students are well trained in either the medical or engineering courses. These efforts have provided thousands of their students employment opportunities as either doctor or engineers and they also are successful in their professions. A few other students on the basis of their SSC results have also joined the commerce stream and have procured opportunities as chartered accountants. Many others have also found the zeal to go further ahead on an academic pursuit and have started of  courses in B.Sc or M.Sc and Ph.D degrees.  This level of success is always credited to the well trained and skilled faculty at SDC who also continue to guide students even after they have completed their course. The institute entered its golden jubilee year in 2019 and in its 49 years of incedible service has had plenty of accomplishments. Various students have found employment at Microsoft, USA. Students have also continued to secure high ranks of 99.5% in the MH-CET examinations.

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