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Sutradhar achieved many milestones over the course of time. It stands today as Theatre group, casting house and a voice-acting school rolled in one umbrella

Inaugrated in 1996,  Sutradhar has achieved many milestones over the course of time. It stands today as a Theatre group, a casting house, and a voice and acting school all rolled into one umbrella of numerous initiatives. Initially, it was a group of young professionals in the early nineties who, while practicing as actors and voice artistes, came together to form Sutradhar.

It is driven by the motivation of making sure that deserving talents are rightly recognized, nurtured, and manifested. Having  a strong database of talented artists and still counting, Sutradhar has become a hub of actors, voice artistes, scriptwriters, translators, directorial crew, technical crew, and many other portfolios. The institute continues to grow each day, adding to the list the names of talented people who are ready to sweat it out, work around the craft with a disciplined approach and give their best each time.

It has a hall of 13 feet by 30 feet on the second floor of its house and is a self-contained unit with a washroom, drinking water facility, a small pantry that caters tea, coffee, and snacks without charging anything from the participants, visitors, and guests. It serves as a rehearsal hall and also can be used to host music programs. The space also doubles up as  an audition room for casting assignments for films and related media.

An Artistic Mastermind

The institute works in a socialistic way and there are no designations for anyone. However, Prof. (Retd.) Bhaskar Shewalkar, ex Dean and Head of the Dept., School of Performing Arts and Theater, University of Hyderabad has been the Guru for the institute. A theater personality of national repute, he has so far directed 90 plays in Hindi, Urdu, Telugu and English, and most of them have been translated/adapted from French, German, Russian, and English plays. Many of these plays have been performed all over India.

He specializes in Theater Education and Creative Drama. In his theater career spanning over 40 years, he has conducted a number of workshops and participated in seminars organized by Sangeet Natak Academy-New Delhi, Central South Zone Cultural Centre-Nagpur & Thiruvananthapuram, National School of Drama Regional Research Centre-Bangalore, Centre of Cultural Resources and Training-Hyderabad and Max Mueller Bhavan. Prof Bhaskar is also the Founder-President of The Rangadhara Theatre Stream, the oldest surviving theater group of Hyderabad. After his retirement, he has dedicated himself to practical theater and training of actors. He is a chief instructor at almost all Sutradhar workshops. His passion and energy remains unmatched by even the young ones. Simply put, he inspires us through and through.

Bestowing with Utmost Offerings

Theatre is the primary obsession at Sutradhar. The institute believes that being one of the most vital of the fine arts, theatre makes for the most interesting medium of storytelling. Sutradhar conducts workshops for acting and voice separately. At Sutradhar, acting is not only a means of manifesting one`s dormant talent, but also a tool to recreate one`s personality. Along with imparting the 5 W`s (WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY) of acting, it believes in using one`s body, mind and voice to make a complete performer out of them.  Voice workshops have been a staple at Sutradhar since 2002. The institute firmly believe in the adage – ‘meri awaaz meri pehchaan hai’, and therefore have set out to nurture the best home-grown talents for the voice industry.

The institute also holds production-oriented theatre workshops and has produced close to fifty plays, Sutradhar has established itself on the Indian theatre map. It wishes to continue doing so and contribute to the vast, deep and ever-increasing ocean of this gorgeous performing art called Theatre. The events organized by the institute are theater performances, acting and voice workshops, casting for feature films, ad films, Tv programs and web series etc.

Apart from preparing participants to succeed in theater and films, we more importantly prepare them to face the world by emphasizing on discipline, punctuality, commitment, dedication etc. physical and mental endurance exercises, Yoga, Pranayam form an integral part of our workshops”, the institute adds.

Wining Prestigious Recognition’s

Sutradhar has been privileged to be invited by groups across India, and abroad. To name few of them are: The Thespian En, Chennai, Darpana, Ahmedabad ,The Little Theatre, Kolkata, Iftekhar Memorial Theatre Festival, Ashim Mukherjee, Society of Friends` International, London, Sahmat, Allahabad, NCZCC, Allahabad, Roopkatha, Allahabad.

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