Suvidya Institute of Technology: Offering Training Programs for Industry-ready Professionals
Suvidya Institute of Technology

There are approximately 3500 engineering colleges in India that cater to the dreams of lakhs of students to become engineers. Given this huge number, one would think that India produces lakhs of efficient engineers every year. However, according to a recent survey, only 20% of these engineers are employable and efficient. In the past few years, corporates and the industry has been very vocal about the gap in what is being taught and what is required in the fields.

As such, it is imperative that students learn the skills and practical implementation of their study and not just the theories of engineering. Changes in the global scenario and market, have transformed the dimensions of professionals in every industry. The specialist from any field of engineering has to focus more and more narrowly on his specialized topics & work area rather than a broad spectrum of faculty. This has heightened the challenges of young & passionate Engineers. And to assist students with these challenges and broaden their skill-set, Suvidya Institute of Technology (SIT) has been playing a dominant role.

Founded in 2002, SIT is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation providing a World Class Leading Technical Training in all the engineering disciplines to meet the requirements of skilled manpower in the field of “OIL & GAS”, Petrochemical & various process chemical plants.

The Inspiration

Suvidya Institute of Technology is a team of young, efficient, qualified, and hardcore professionals with a broad spectrum of consultancy and industrial background and provides training to meet industrial requirements of skilled manpower in specialized fields of engineering based on sound engineering principles and methodology, applicable code requirement and best industry practices.

By realizing the great obligation to build Technocrat Engineers and well-grounded Indian Workforce to compete for Global requirements of young, energetic, qualified, top-notch professionals from Software, Consultancy & Industrial background, the managing team formed a Consortium and finally led the foundation of SIT. The team today is passionately committed to Enhance Skills by Real World Training for creating highly skilled Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Professionals.

SIT provides Industry-specific training in various disciplines and Corporate training with customized modules to suit organizational requirements. It also conducts regular Seminars to update students on changing technological trends. SIT also takes care of Personality development and mock interviews for students to develop confidence and guides them to choose a career.

The Inspiring Persona

Mr. Vasant Mestry, Managing Director, SIT, was born and brought up in a small village of Konkan in Maharashtra. The financial condition wasn’t good enough, but there was no dearth of support from his family and teachers for him to study further from Mumbai. His stay in Mumbai was a juggling act between studies and various part-time jobs.

After completing ‘Piping Engineering’ from IIT – Mumbai, he joined Engineering Design Consultancy, MNC organization, and started working on various Oil & Gas projects, in India and abroad. While working he learned that due lack of experience, training, and guidance, engineers are committing technical errors and then reworking on it that led to sheer wastage of time and money and finally invited grudges from Clients. There Mr. Mestry realized, the lack of trained and skilled manpower for engineering design projects. His passion for providing good education and the right path drove him to transform the existing state of piping modules.

Mr. Mestry finally quit his MNC job and laid the foundation stone of ‘Suvidya Institute of Technology’.Global Industry took note of his efforts and started recruiting SIT students and offered training assignments. Media recognized his innovations and facilitated to reach masses with his interviews. Social organizations have felicitated him by various awards for the contributions to improvise the educational values for the vision and mission he carries for the betterment of society.

Effective Training Courses

Suvidya Institute of Technology runs several In House Training Programs like Piping Engineering, Mechanical Design of Process Equipment, Process Engineering, Water and Waste Water Engineering, Air Conditioning System Design ( HVAC), MEP (Mechanical Electrical And Plumbing), Engineering Design & Drafting, Softskill Training Program and more.

SIT provides training programs as per the current job requirement. It provides on-job training to meet the requirement of technical manpower in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Inspection & Testing, Erection & commissioning, and has one Training program for each department of Consultancy based on sound engineering principles & methodology, applicable CODE & Standards requirement and best industry practices.

The Institute has developed Training programs to strengthen technical manpower for improvement of productivity, profitability, and supporting the global industry as a Business Development Partner.

SIT enhances employee’s skills and knowledge, it also helps them to perform their job activities efficiently and educate then for technical problems, issues that directly affect the company’s profits.

The quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors in determining the long-term profitability of a business. If a company hires and keeps good employees, it is a good policy to invest in the development of their skills, which in turn increases their productivity.

Training often is considered for the fresher or junior employees this is a misconception, as ongoing training for working employees helps them to face the challenges of rapidly changing job requirements. Contents of the training can be molded to meet the specific requirement of different organizations. It has divided training programs into different Tiers from fresher to executives and molds the training programs as per the exact job requirement of the company at different levels.

Ready for Industry

At SIT, the focus is on developing the ability to understand the engineering drawings, technical documents required for drawing, basic concepts of designs, conforming to the international codes & standards, and good practices. After developing proficiency for designing robust and safe plants, many students have found themselves working across the globe. SIT also takes care of financially poor students by providing free education. It also gives a 20% discount on fees for female students.

After completing their studies, students are working in MNC’s like Aker Solutions, Toyo Engineering, Tecnimont, Petrofac, and many more. These students are set to secure their place in not just India, but abroad as well.

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