Systemic Educational Modernization
Educational Modernization

Modernization has forever been a process of change with respect to the development in social, economic, and political systems, which is not just a concept now. As and when one talks of modernization, it usually refers to the change in the way of living, communication, urbanization, literacy, standard of living, profession, and similar things along the line.

These necessities in the process of modernization have touched education and thus, it cannot remain without its impact on education. And as every concept has its own pros and cons, so does modernization and its impact on education.

Along with the severity of modernization, change has not just restricted itself only to external aspects, rather touched the internal aspects which are now deeply rooted in education. It has been these very roots that enable us to think, talk and express the impact of modernization in education.

The impact of modernization could be very well seen and felt socially as well culturally. Better and higher education has normally been considered to be the base to fulfill dreams and aspirations through a better job and hence better earning.

Education has given rise or empowered a cadre of philosophers, scientists, technocrats, leaders, administrators, physician, teachers etc. who vanguard the chariot of modernization. These prospects have been extremely sensitive to the needs, demands and aspirations of, a modernized society and they work towards and for consensus building on important issues including national and emotional integration, and above all international understanding.

They have been able to socialize individuals to look at the objects, ideas, things, persons and also in the right perspectives by being able to cultivate scientific temper and fostering rationality. These two cardinal instruments i.e. scientific temper and spirit and rational thinking have helped man to evaluate everything in its correct forms and perspectives.

Hence, a society has to be advanced in every respects and education is the originator and creator of every things which steers the vehicle of modernization. Traditionalists might be able to argue that in today’s tech-obsessed world, reliance on technologies has been detrimental to young minds.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of abuse of technology and inappropriate use of social media. Nevertheless, it has become a digital generation where, with the main focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) courses, the need for evolving tech becomes all the more imperative.

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