Technology and its influence on the Hotel Industry

Disruptive technologies have brought revolution in the business functions of the hotel industry. In the tech era, technology is considered as the 6th sense for the human beings and the mobile has become part of the human body. The technology which was visible in front of eyes has gone inside our body and become invisible.  This high involvement scenario has transformed the way how the stakeholders connect with the hotels. The article aims to discuss the technology and its influence on the hotel industry.

Due to the availability of the internet and low-cost mobile, every consumer has a smartphone to stay connected with the latest happenings around the world. Without any discrimination, the presence of technology is prevailing from rags to riches. Information accessibility is no longer a barrier even for the illiterate. Thanks to Google for providing a choice and privilege to access the information from nine regional languages of India. The latest edition, google assistant helps the consumers to get any information almost instantly. Hence, the exposure of the consumer to know the latest trends prevailing in the hotel industry is increasing. This consumer learning habit with the help of technology is increasing the product and service expectations in the hotel industry.

Let us understand how general practices of the hotel has changed due to the technological advancements,

S.No General Practice Technology in General Practices
1 Counter Check-in and Check-Out Self-Check-in and Checkout  Kiosk
2 Bell Boy offering Luggage Assistance Luggage Robot
3 Currency Exchange Service offered by Front office cashier Foreign Currency Exchange Self-service payment kiosk.
4 Room Key Card Smart Key
5 Room Control Panel Handheld PDA
6 Regular Beds Electric Adjustable Beds
7 Internet through Cable Wi-Fi Everywhere
8 Door Knob Card Infra-red Sensors
9 Pay by Card Pay by Mobile- Near Field Communications
10 In-room dining order through menu card and telephone In-room order tablets
11 Booking through Hotel Websites Booking through OTA
12 Google Search SEO- Search Engine Optimization
13 Order Taking through KOT Mobile Ordering System
14 Serviced provided by Waiter Service provided by Robot
15 Menu Card Menu Tab
16 Promotion Through Banner Promotion Through QR Code
17 Comments Card Customer Feedback on Android tablet and I pad
18 Chargers Smart Chargers
24 Information from the employee and secondary data. Data Analytics to capture customer preferences
25 Personal Butlers Robotic Butlers
26 Hotel Website Hotel App
27 WOM from friends and family WOM from Review Website
28 Pay by Cash/Credit Card Pay by Payment Apps
29 Ask Call Center Chatbots
30 Wall Interactive Wall


Technology and influence on the guest

The technology related products and services in the hotels help the guest to experience prompt and error-free service. The growing advancements of technology in the hotel industry also help the guest to discover a wide range of choices in the market. For example, Online Travel Agents helps the guest to explore hotels around the world in one single website. The technology ensures that guests are recognized during their revisit based on the data available in the data analytics. Room features like electric adjustable beds enhance the stay experiences of the guest. Handheld PDA in the guest room surrenders the complete control of the room over one click by the guest.

Technology and influence on the hotel

Hotel technology helps to simplify the multiple complicated tasks in just few steps. The revenue management technology helps the hotels to strategically position the hotel in the market and it helps to increase the business and to optimize the revenue. Technology helps the hotels to connect and to stay connected with the prospective guest right from the pre-purchase to the post-purchase stage. The service quality can be best maintained with the help of the technology. Since the technology reduces the human intervention and brings uniformity in the service. Technology also create a competitive edge for the hotel among the competing brands in the market. The manpower requirement and cost of the manpower can be reduced with the help of the technology implementation.


It is important the hotels carefully implement the technology in the hotel operations but in the meantime should focus on retaining the personalized interactions with the guest. Technological innovation in the hotel industry will continue to increase around the globe. Hotels can create a competitive advantage for the brand through technology adoption and implementation due to the increased preference of technology by the tech-savvy consumers. It is vital for the hotel to check the need of the technology for the guest, hotel operational standards, employee competency and expected results from the implementation of the technology. With a sensible approach, hotels can implement the three “R” (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) with the help of the eco-friendly technology. For examples, hotels can introduce LED lightning, aerators and flow restrictors in water taps, sensor-based lighting and ozone water treatments etc. This initiative will help the hotels to cut down the energy cost and promote eco-sensitivity among the consumers in the market. In addition, technology should not jeopardize the human interaction and the personalized service experience provided to the guest. The scenario of “digitize or die” is forcing the hotels to implement technology in the hotel operations. Going forward, the presence of hotels in the digital world will be considered as a proof for the existence of the hotel in the real world.

About the Author

Dr. D.P. Sudhagar, Associate Professor, School of Professional Studies, has completed Ph.D in Marketing at Anna University Chennai. He was the first Scholar from the Hospitality Management registered at the School of Commerce & Management, Anna University, Chennai and was also the first person who received a Doctoral degree in the Hospitality Specialization for his research on “Revisit Intention of Restaurant Customers” under the guidance of Dr.G. Rajendran, Professor & Head, School of Commerce & Management, Anna University, Chennai.

He had extended the Theory of Planned Behavior model, a popular model developed by Icek Ajzen to predict the behavioral intentions of the people. He had extended the model by including the critical constructs which caused the revisit intention of the restaurant customers to understand the restaurant customers revisit intention. He holds an M.B.A in Marketing Management, and M.Sc. in Hotel & Catering Management. His achievements in the academic performance include “Gold Medal” in M.Sc and “5th Rank” in the B.Sc degree.

He has worked with Global Leaders in the Hospitality Industry “TAJ Hotel, Resorts & Palaces” in the general management operations. His tenure at TAJ includes handling the sales & marketing operations, core-department operations and the training & development of the operational level team members of the hotel. His achievement in the hotel operations includes increased footfalls of the guest visiting the hotel, higher revenue and finest service quality standards. He also served as a Role Model for the team members to deliver exceptional performance in the work place.

He was associated with ITC Hotel Park Sheraton & Towers, Chennai to enlighten his knowledge and skills of the hotel operations during the graduation degree period. He was the Departmental Trainer in the hotel and has conducted several trainings to the team members in the department on attitude enhancement, personality development, personal hygiene & grooming, time management, event management, service quality, service recovery and complaint handling procedures, safety at work, guest engagement & delight, learning & fun at work place and innovation and creativity.

Dr.Sudhagar has attended national level seminars and conferences; his research papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals. His interested research areas include food safety, eco-sensitivity of the hotels, locavore food, customer behavior models, fast food and nutrition & health.

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