Top International Schools That Are Transforming Education in Hong Kong

International education, a developing model of education provides a perfect roadmap for learning in the 21st century. With the working environment experiencing radical changes and proceeding to develop at a fast pace, International education has adjusted itself to these new understandings. The modern curricula have moved gradually toward a holistic approach that gives emphasis to different academic disciplines. This new approach of education has ended up being absolutely successful in preparing students for university level studies.

International schools provide their students with unique learning opportunities as well as integrate project based learning, and field trips into their curricula. Apart from this, it furnishes them with a crucial edge for the university admissions procedure and measures students’ accomplishments and capabilities beyond a number on a paper. It is not enough to identify facts and information, these schools encourage students to understand, assess and apply the concepts in their own points of view.

Thus, The Knowledge Review comes up with a special edition on “The 10 Best International Schools in Hong Kong 2018,” which highlights some of the Best International Schools in Hong Kong that have set a benchmark in the field of International studies. This issue enlightens on some of those promising Schools that have made a name for themselves in the global arena for providing excellent education in various academic disciplines as well as developing crucial skills and unique attitudes toward learning among students.

10 Best International Schools in Hong Kong

ESF: A World -Class Education to Bring Out the Best in Every Student

“Our mission is to inspire creativity and nurture global citizens and leaders of the future.” Hong Kong is a world city well known for its variety of high quality schools available in town offering world class education for both local and expatriate communities. The largest international schools organisation is the English Schools Foundation (ESF), which is providing world leading education to over 17,770 students from 75 nationalities in their 22 schools.

Founded for over five decades, the mission of ESF is to bring out the best in every student through a personalised approach to learning and by inspiring curious minds — preparing young men and women to be the global leaders of tomorrow. Starting from as early as six months, ESF students can transition seamlessly

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