The British School: Developing a Strong Foundation for Life
The British School
The British School

Switzerland, one of the pristine countries in the world has always been adored for its beauty. It’s breathtaking alpine mountain ranges and serene lakes have mesmerized tourists from all over the globe. The nation’s surreal landscape also provides an environment that plays a vital role in comprehensive nourishment of young learners.  

The country’s quality of education has been renowned for years. It attracts expats who seek a world-class education for their children. Schools across Switzerland have been known for the development of holistic education. However, we are of the opinion that very few can match the distinctive hallmark set by The British School of Bern. The British School is known for its conducive ambiance where each of its pupils feels at home. 

Built with Trust 

 A stone’s throw away from Bern, the capital of Switzerland, The British School is nestled in the small picturesque village of Rüfenacht. It is located in a community-owned building, and as a result, has a strong link with the local community.  

The community building is quaint and charming, with large bright classrooms best suited for the teaching environment. Students have consistent access to laptops/iPads within the classrooms and these are used as a tool for learning through integration across the curriculum. It also has separate playgrounds for its lower school and upper school as part of the students’ physical development. 

The Accomplished Trinity 

The British School was founded in 1988 in a small apartment. At that time, it was established to educate expats living in the Bern area. The school grew progressively and eventually moved to Gümligen to a small villa.  

In 2017, the school relocated to Rüfenacht and was handed to three experienced teachers who admire and support the philosophy of a multicultural school. These individuals are, Mrs. Aisha OsmanMrs. Michelle Flieler and Mrs. Sybil Erdmann who serve the British School with their utmost passion and sincerity. Since gaining ownership, the school has continued to flourish and also nurtures the minds of students coming from over 25 nationalities. 

 Guiding the Young Ones 

The British School Bern is recognized as a Primary school, offering exemplary education for Preschool (age 3) through Year 6 (age 11) to children of all nationalities. It follows the British curriculum with an acute awareness of the international culture of its school.  

Alongside the British curriculum, the school maintains a teacher-student ratio that ensures a high degree of personalized attention. Its teachers are qualified and hold university degrees and certificates from prestigious institutions. The School’s teachers use continuous assessment which is imperative in monitoring each child’s progress. These faculties encourage pupils to be friendly, honest, responsible and caring. They also foster them to take pride in themselves, their classmates, their parents, and their teachers. 

The British School also puts a great emphasis on its teachers’ learning. It believes its staff should be aware of the scenarios happening in the educational sphere. Hence, the school encourages them to attend ECIS conferences, SGIS meetings, workshops, in-service training courses, videos, and educational publications. With these, the Head Teacher and staff keep themselves updated with educational methods and materials. 

Instilling Virtues 

Across age groups, cultures and languages, The British School dedicates itself to educate the mind, body and well-being of each child. The school also emphasizes self-worth and respect and encourages each of its pupils to appreciate themselves and others.  

The school stresses the acceptance of differences and insists on cooperation and compassion for others. Its core-values: Responsibility, Respect, Resilience, Empathy, and Listening and Communicating guide its students through daily school life. 

Striving to Remain the ‘Same’ 

The school aims to optimizes its wealth of resources to provide the highest quality of education while maintaining small classes and provide students with the individual attention. In this way, it can continue to nurture and support its students in all their endeavors. 

The school will continue to offer a high-quality program to students of all nationalities. It strives to develop a strong foundation for all of its pupils which will guide them not just through school but throughout their life journey. 

How Parents Love the School 

The British School, Bern is very unique in that it values social skills, respect for others and empathy alongside academic achievement. Our children have benefited from what we feel is a ‘real’ education; that is they have become rounded children which is rare in this age of testing and league tables. Thank you so much for all your hard work.” 

 “My daughter has made an amazing amount of progress while at The British School and I attribute much of her success to you and the wonderful teachers at your school. Thank you for the extra time and energy you have given to her, for your kindness and patience, for seeing and guiding her in her entirety and not defining her based on academic success. She couldn’t be better prepared to make her way in the Swiss school system and I will always be grateful to you for that.” 

Words cannot express how grateful we are to The British School. We have had a wonderful experience here. We have no regrets in choosing The British School. This has been the perfect place for our daughter to grow and to learn. You have a unique place that is truly special. Thank you for taking my daughter in and giving her a place where she felt loved.” 

We would like to say thank you to you and your staff for the wonderful education you have given our children. The British School of Bern is very unique in that it values social skills, respect for others and empathy alongside academic achievement. We feel our children have benefited from what we feel is a ‘real’  education; that is they have become rounded children which is rare in this age of testing and league tables. Thank you so much for all your hard work.” 

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