The Director of Education Demands that Montessori Education be Promoted
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At the March 11, 2024, opening of the Montessori Model of the United Nations (MMUN) West Africa, Apostle, Dr. Michael Narh, the Ga-West Municipal Director of Education, urged for the promotion of the Montessori style of teaching and learning in Ghana.

He stressed in his speech at the MMUN-West Africa launch that letting kids explore and learn at their own pace is one of the key ways that a Montessori school fosters important, hands-on learning. He emphasized the way in which a Montessori education develops a love of learning, sharpens critical thinking abilities, and advances cultural awareness in order to help produce 21st-century global critical thinkers.

“Montessori education nurtures curiosity, independence, and a love for learning. Classrooms are designed to encourage curiosity, where children engage with hands-on materials, ask their own questions, and collaborate with peers and this approach transcends rote memorization and encourages critical thinking.”

He maintained that the adoption of the United Nations’ Montessori Model will contribute to proving the applicability of the Montessori approach to education. He added that it will foster variety, inclusiveness, and cross-cultural understanding. He claimed it will heal divisions and alter people’s perceptions of it.

“Montessori classrooms serve as microcosms of the global community, promoting diversity, inclusion, and cultural understanding. Children learn to respect and appreciate differences, laying the foundation for becoming empathetic global citizens”, he added

Additionally, according to Dr. Narh, a Montessori school promotes children’s creativity and curiosity by getting them to think beyond the box. In order to establish a worldwide standard in our educational field, he insisted that the Montessori method of teaching and learning should be accepted and encouraged.
He emphasized how the use of screens and other devices has completely changed the way people study, as opposed to more antiquated techniques like utilizing trees and wooden slates.

“In guiding students to effectively utilize technology for holistic development and global participation, Montessori education emphasizes the exploration of different cultures and perspectives. This approach allows students to develop a deeper understanding of interconnectedness and fosters values of cooperation and teamwork to thrive in diverse environments”, he added.

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