The Factors That Cause Cyber Crimes
Cyber Crimes

The world is becoming more digitalized by the day. Everything is now being done online. Whether it is accessing information or storing data, one seeks help from the internet to get things done. However, as one keeps diving deeper into the cyber world, he/she would become even more vulnerable to cyberattacks. There’s no denying that cyber scams have increased at an astonishing rate. Cybercriminals or hackers are now trying more sophisticated ways to gain access to your private information, which they would use for their personal gains.

You will be surprised to know that the vast majority of global industries experienced either social engineering or phishing attacks the previous year. The number of cybercrimes will only continue to grow unless you become aware of the factors which cause them in the first place. This article is going to discuss some of them. So, let’s begin!

#1 Storing Data in a Small Place

A computer provides a compact space for storing data. This is precisely why cyberattacks happen. It is because of saving data in small places that it becomes an easy target for hackers to steal or ransom the information effortlessly. Therefore, it is advised not to store data in a single system. Instead, you should consider segregating it in different places.

#2. Easy Access System

Your system will be safe from security breaches as long as it is safeguarded with complex technologies. However, security can be compromised if the system provides easy access to hackers. You have to realize that hackers have become extremely smart today. They can easily manipulate security by using various means such as voice recognition and retina images. Moreover, fooling the biometric system is no biggie for them, and they can also pass through the firewall of the system.

#3. Negligence

This goes without saying that whatever you ignore or neglect can later come to bite you. Cybercrime is a grave problem that should be taken seriously. If you are negligent in securing your system, then you can expect cybercriminals to attack you. Therefore, it is recommended to remain vigilant at all times to the happenings in your system.

#4. Complex Coding

Operating systems are made with millions of codes which makes the computer functional. These operating systems are programmed by developers who are humans, which makes them vulnerable to errors. Yes, the slightest of errors might not cease the functioning of the operating system. However, cybercriminals can and will take advantage of these loopholes. They will try to slip through these gaps in code and will try to make the entire system malicious for users.

#5. Loss of Evidence

Hackers don’t really attack your system all at once. Instead, they take their time and do it in sections. This is because the evidence of their first breach could be removed. It makes their attack even stronger, and it might not even get detected during the investigation of cybercrime. Hence, loss of evidence can become an important cause of cybercrime that not only paralyzes your system but could also make it more vulnerable to cyberattacks.


Cybercrime has been happening since the day personal computers were introduced way back during the ‘90s. During those days, hackers would hack into the system just to boost their knowledge or to open new avenues for further development. However, in recent years, the Association of Computing Machinery and FBI have reported that the cybercrimes of today are much more malicious. These attacks are empowered by technology and are more sophisticated, which poses a threat to a person’s digital security.

Therefore, one must be really careful when it comes to using the internet. I personally was very cautious when I subscribed to the Spectrum TV package. I made sure that my internet connection was secure when I entered my banking information, social security number, and other sensitive details. You should be mindful of the above-mentioned factors so that you can have a secure web surfing experience.

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