The Modern College of Business and Science: Encouraging Experiential Learning and Entrepreneurial Skills
The Modern College of Business & Science

With diverse environments and various tourist attractions, particularly adventure and cultural tourism Oman also boasts of a robust education system. Encouraging equal opportunity, quality education and professionalism while preserving the Omani culture is The Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS) in the Sultanate of Oman. It is a private College licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Important Milestones

The college was established in 1996. It was among the very first private institutions of higher education to be established in Oman. The first batch graduated in 1998. In 2002, Bachelor’s degree program was offered through UMSL, USA. In 2004, the first accreditation self-study was completed, and provisional accreditation was granted by OAC. In 2006, the college applied for full accreditation. In 2007, the college moved to new facilities in Bausher. In 2012, the college began offering master’s degree program offered through Franklin university, USA. In 2016, Master’s programs in information technology and Islamic and finance began. In 2017, it acquired ASIC Accreditation, UK and Master’s program in Public Administration in Arabic. In 2018, it acquired OAAA Institutional Accreditation (local accreditation). In 2019, the college launched Undergraduate Arabic Programs in Public and Business Administration.

Person Behind the Success

The college was founded by Dr. Muneer Al-Maskery (Executive Chairman), a graduate of political science from the University of Missouri Saint Louise, USA. MCBS opened in 1996 in rented accommodation at Al Khuwair with 56 students and offering two-year associate degrees. Today, MCBS has its own campus at Baushar Muscat and enrolls more than 3000 students with several options for Bachelor and Master degrees and stands alongside 27 other private institutions of higher education in the Sultanate of Oman.

When Dr Muneer was studying for his bachelor’s degree in the USA, he had a dream to teach and disseminate knowledge which was always in his heart and all the jobs that he had cocupied did not fulfill his ambitions. “I believed that I had more to give to the society, improve the quality of education, make a distinctive and positive difference, inspire young people, and have a positive impact on human lives through building a transformational educational journey for the youth with the required employability skills,” he shared.

“I believed that I had more to give to the society and have a positive impact on human lives through building a transformational educational journey with the required employability skills”

Upon completing his PhD, he returned to Oman and started teaching and focusing on establishing MCBS. His dream was realized in 1996 by establishing the college in Muscat, where his educational journey has begun.

As Executive Chairman Dr Muneer advises the Dean on the implementation of decisions made by the Board of Governance. He has the final authority in setting the strategic direction of the college and the final accountability for its efficiency and effectiveness. He has the overall responsibility for resource mobilization required to accomplish the strategic vision of the college.

Educational Programs Postgraduate Degree Programs

  1. MBA by Franklin University, USA
  2. Master’s in Islamic Banking & Finance
  3. Master’s in Information Technology
  4. Master of Public Administration in Arabic
  5. Master’s in Human Resource Management in Arabic
  6. Master’s in Commercial Law

Undergraduates Degree Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Management of Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management
  • Bachelor of science in Airport Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with the following majors:
  1. Marketing
  2. Finance
  3. Management and Organizational Behaviour
  4. Management Information System
  5. Bachelor of Science in Health and Safety Management
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Economics The Modern College of
  7. Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  8. Bachelor of Science in Risk Management and Insurance
  9. Bachelor of Science in Transport and Logistics Management
  10. Bachelor of Public Administration in Arabic
  11. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in:
  12. Human Resources in Arabic
  13. Accounting in Arabic
  14. Bachelor of Science in Information Security
  15. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
  16. Bachelor of Science in Commercial law
  17. Bachelor of Science in Information systems
  18. Bachelor of Science in Computer science

General Foundation Program

Executive Education Certificates


To be a prominent institution of higher education in the region.


Modern College of Business and Science is to facilitate learning and growth in knowledge, skills, innovation, and technical know-how that will best serve the community in the 21st Century.

Standing Apart

MCBS is an academic oasis in the heart of Muscat with modern buildings enabling students to forge direct interactions with their professors and supporting staff. MCBS is highly innovative in the market where its programs are aligned with the country’s vision and applicable to the market needs and competencies skills of the 21st century. MCBS has a diverse population of students and faculty from across the globe where exchange of knowledge and culture becomes part of daily discussion. MCBS offers support that covers physical as well as psychological health issues, academic and financial struggles. You never feel lonely, but rather surrounded by caring family members. MCBS where academic and industry professionals meet with a common goal of offering the best education in preparing students for a successful career and help them to become an entrepreneurial thinker through different extracurricular activities. The college management believes that all these will contribute to building a nurturing environment and produce global citizen who are passionate and have the desire to succeed and offer new thinking.

Technology for Better Learning

At MCBS, the following systems allow it to function properly:

  • EduPortal is a web and mobile-based application that provides a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) interaction with users. EduPortal is developed and maintained by the MCBS ICT Department and has been developed using different versions of Microsoft.Net and SQL server. Eduportal is a fully functioning system which is updated regularly depending on user requirements.
  • Eduoasis is a professional model-based e-learning management system. This tool is used for posting learning materials, assignments, quizzes, forums, chats. Instructors can also create virtual classroom using this tool through integration with WizIQ. Eduoasis has integration with ‘Turn it in’ for plagiarism detection.
  • Microsoft Teams which is cloud-based team collaboration software that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications. This is used for interaction between faculty/staff and also between students with their faculty or their fellow students.
  • The college has recently introduced ITC (interactive teaching consoles) to simulate actual classroom in a virtual setting.

Preparing Students for the Business World

MCBS students are provided with several opportunities to interact with real world industry. The Internship is an opportunity for students to gain “hands-on” experience. It allows students to have the opportunity to work in industry before graduation. Students who take advantage of internships generally mature faster in their problem-solving skills and become more serious about their education. Capstone project is another opportunity in which students identify a real-life problem and think critically to solve such problems. It helps them to develop essential industry required skills such as teamwork, project management skills, critical thinking skills, research skills, oral and written communication skills etc. Students are also encouraged to earn industry relevant certification while completing the programs. MCBS has partnered with SAP to offer dual study programs to gain SAP certifications, BTEC and IATA that may open employment opportunities. The Industry Liaison Office at MCBS assists students to link to industry and employers and align their plans to best address the present and upcoming needs of the industry.

Campus(s) At: Muscat

  • Accreditation: OAAA and ASIC
  • Placement Percentage (last Academic Year): 100%
  • Most Popular Course: Commercial Law and Aviation Management

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