The Modern-day Air Steerers!
air steerers

Taking this opportunity, I want to address every person who has picked up this edition from any newsstand or was handed over by someone to ask a question,

‘What is the human obsession with flying?’

Now, some might say that it was the invention of airplanes that triggered humans with an obsession of flying, hence, the obsession. Which is indeed true! However, walking beyond these boundaries of the present world we are living in, I decided to roam some of the old libraries and dusted a couple of—on the verge of barely surviving—books.

Interestingly, the thought that inspired my obsession with human obsession with flying derived from the books that on any surface of the earth would not be considered a crime to possess, the ancient history of humanity, mythical times, the magical times which have laid the steppingstone for humans for centuries. Or rather—that would be an inappropriate word to say, ah—millenniums to follow, the books of religious, human imagination and fantasy.

Now, while carefully flipping the pages, I came across the Gods and the creatures that would have the ability to fly and allow humans to ride them. For instance, the God Vishnu, the Hindu deity of preservation, rode on an eagle, or in the Chinese mythology, there is a mention of the dragon, a mythical animal flying and ruling the sky. Though European history tells the story of dragons being ridden by humans, which somewhere contradicts the eastern mythology. But that is a separate point of discussion.

Though this served as enough theory to prove that since the beginning, humans had been obsessed with conquering the three forms, space, water and land, that made human obsessed with flying.

And now that you have hanged till here reading some ancient connections, I would like to ask you another question,

‘Why a machine or an object to fly?’

Well, it is technically impossible for humans to fly, and it would take another couple of million years to evolve into flying creatures. But the urge to fly first and, inspired by the mythical times and the ancient stories of flying carpets, came the idea to build a machine.

Though that idea was far quicker than waiting probably single-digit million years, with just a hope to evolve that way, Wright Brother, after several failures by its pre-thinkers, presented the world with the flying object, the Wright Flyer.

And studying human nature for a long and making their dream a reality, flying was made possible for humans. Moving ahead came the need to teach people how to fly and even make a career out of it, which forced the then-modern universities to introduce the study of aerospace.

Today, more than 1800 pilots are being produced every year in the USA alone, and there are some colleges for not making just pilots but modern-day air steerers!

In The Knowledge Review’s venture to find ‘The Most Impactful Aerospace Engineering College to Watch in 2022,’ derived from an idea to just dust some books and make a place in those dusty shelves for someone like me to find, we present you the small booklet, that will tell one of the most impactful aerospace engineering colleges of its time. And for people reading this in the current age, why the college in this edition allows you to make your flying dream a reality.

Also, read through the articles to find some of the interesting reads and trends for common people.

Have a happy and insightful read!

  • Ashlesh Khadse

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