Transfusing International Education Through the Amazon!
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Transfusing International Education Through the Amazon!

When it comes to dense and rich forests, where even the sun rays find it difficult to penetrate the branched roofs of trees or long rivers on which major economies are dependent, no country comes even close to that Brazil.

Blessed with the truly magnificent Amazon Forest and the great Amazon River, Brazil has always been a place of rich, old and timeline-questioning cultures. With the genesis of old and ancient culture running along the veins and lungs of the Amazon, Brazil has recognised its potential to become a superpower country in the world.

Staying true to its culture and a proud history of rich humanity residing and mingling with nature, Brazil has provided the world with many wonders that humanity depends on. However, with such a symbiotic nature with mother nature, somewhere Brazil has left short of picking up pace with the growing internationalism and advancements in multiple sectors.

International Education started transfusing with the great Amazon River by recognising and understanding the role of education that would allow Brazilians to explore the varied ways to become a leading country.

Welcoming and embracing the culture of international education and indulging it well with the rich cultural heritage of Brazil, many international schools following leading education patterns across the world have been introduced in the country’s education system.

While some of the schools have made a name for themselves, there always remains confusion about the school to which the youngster should be admitted. Adhering to this question in our venture to find ‘The Best American High School in Brazil, 2022,’ The Knowledge Review, we crossed paths with WAY American School (on the cover), which is defining international education in Brazil with its exceptional pedagogies.

In this edition, you will find how the school made a permanent name for itself for quality Brazilian culture-infused international education. Flip through the pages to learn more about Brazil’s best American high school.

Also, flip through the pages to find exceptional facts about the culturally rich education system in brazil.

Hope this magazine fulfils its purpose, and have a happy read!

  • Ashlesh Khadse

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