The Role of Guidance and Counselling
Guidance | Counselling

Guidance and counselling are the important educational tools in shaping the personality and basic orientation of a student. All good things, when initiated early in the child’s life, turn out to be successful over a period of time. Counselling from a young age helps a child tackle the negative ideas that might have been planted by his/her peers in school and college. Hence, the need for a career counselor to assist the child in molding its future is extremely important. It has highly become important and the role of a professional trainer is gaining prominence.

A school counsellor is seen as a role model and receives huge respect from students. The counsellors, by virtue of their training, usually come across as friends with the students. They listen to their complaints, shortcomings, and provide guidance in the quest of molding the child in the right direction towards a successful and satisfactory life ahead.

Several research studies state that the total development of a child can only take place in an environment conducive for teaching and learning. It is in the realization of the above that all educational services which can promote teaching and learning in schools are given prominent attention by educational planners. Counselling services and career guidance for students are some of the top school educational services that can benefit the students lifelong. It is no secret that the best guidance and counselling services in schools and colleges can develop, assess, and improve educational programs. It can enhance teaching and thereby improve the competence of the children.

Today, career guidance in a student’s life has become extremely important in the wake of numerous career choices. The several career paths available for the students can confuse them in choosing the best.

Also, equally significant is to understand the impact of emotional, hormonal, and societal changes on students. These aspects are central during the transition of the child from childhood to adulthood which is a difficult one, even for the most balanced child. Alongside the influence of the family, school and its environment have major influence.

The modern education approach, guidance and counseling can be the solution to these worries and a basis for broader education for life. While being non-medical and non-psychiatric, it can help individuals with specific personal problems.

Thus for the overall development, career counselling and guidance support shall make it easier for students to gain much more clarity about their future prospects. It is always about the constant and continuous interaction between the students and the teachers that bring about the most desirable results.

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