The Sports Gurukul: A Launch Pad for Students to Achieve Excellence in Sports
The Sports Gurukul

What are the aspects that render a child to be a lifelong learner? Well, we’re sure about two things; physical and mental fitness. And providing opportunities for children to be active early on puts them on a path to achieve better physical and mental health. When this development goes hand-in-hand with academic excellence, the result can only be expected in the form of a student who is ready to take on the world.

With that in mind, we, at The Knowledge Review, recommend coupling academic excellence with India’s first of its kind physical education, professional sports & fitness development, and training organization. We’re talking about The Sports Gurukul (TSG), a sports and fitness academy that creates awareness about sports and fitness as a significant part of moral and physical fitness.

Since the last 18 years, over one lakh students have undergone physical education training and sports coaching with TSG. With  presence in over 40 cities of India, TSG provides both the In-School (during School hours) & After School Sports programs for schools. It helps schools and colleges to take sports to the next level and conduct training programs for all outdoor and indoor sports.

The Duo Behind TSG

A duo of passionate sports lovers and fitness enthusiasts, Jay Shah and Paresh Kothari, coming from different backgrounds lead TSG.

Mr. Shah, the Co-founder and Joint MD is an IT marketing professional. Mr. Shah’s love for sports drove him to enter the field in 2002. Eventually, leading to the establishment of TSG. Being a Yoga teacher, he believes that ‘Sports in the country does not suffer due to the lack of places or funds only but essentially lack of ideas and initiatives from people.’

Under his leadership, TSG’s plan was selected amongst the Top 40 (among 16,000+) business ideas across India at the Economic Times Power of Idea Contest 2010. This also led to a training program at IIM (A) and a grant from the Dept. Of Science & Technology, Govt of India.

On the other hand, Mr. Kothari-also Co-founder and Joint MD-joined Mr. Shah leaving behind a successful career in corporate advisory and investment. As an MBA and a CFA graduate, he served Investment Banking for 12 years where he advised various companies on strategy, fundraising, and acquisitions.

At TSG, Mr. Kothari’s vision and strategy to create a sustainable and scalable business model in sports & physical education led TSG to start a new innings to become one of the leaders in sports and physical education programs in India.

The Coaching Philosophy

TSG believes in incorporating both physical and mental growth via sports and yoga/meditation practices respectively.

TSG’s coaching extends further beyond ‘How to Play’ to ‘Who’s Who’ with detailed game plans and existing teams and players. Further, it selects the right players and gives them advance coaching so that they can represent the club at the state and national levels.

For overall exposure, it invites sports personalities to guide the student with their experiences. This also helps them to create their own role models.

A Fit Curriculum

TSG is a 360° sports company that conducts not just In-School but also After-School hours coaching programs.

The curriculum at TSG couples well with its all-inclusive philosophy. TSG also integrates the best practices to enhance students’ learning horizon. Awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, team building, and other social aspects of life are also inculcated in day-to-day sessions. Furthermore, timely evaluations and assessments with students and parents help students to understand and improve themselves to keep up with the competition.

Spreading students’ participation to a broader range, TSG conducts diverse and specific sports tournaments, namely:

  • Inter-School Premiere League (ISPL)
  • Football Championship League (FCL)
  • Tennis Championship League (TCL)
  • Basketball Championship League (BCL)
  • Schoolathon – Run For Kids

In addition to these, the school has the following programs in collaboration:

  • Swimming – Michael Phelps Swimming
  • Football – Eric Benny Sports Management
  • Basketball – Core Focus Training
  • Tennis – Australasian Academy of Tennis Coaches

After-School Hours coaching offers international coaching techniques to kids under specific International coaching program. Through these partnerships, TSG merges the Indian coaching techniques with the International way of training, using the structured coaching curriculum.

A Show for Display

Being powered by power and passion, TSG was destined to splash its colors of success onto the industry. In its fruitful journey, TSG has been a recipient of numerous awards. To list out some:

  • Best Sports Coaching Institute award for the fifth straight year at the 9th Indian Education Awards (2015-19)
  • Shah bestowed with REX Karmaveer Global Fellow 2015-2016 award

Future Roadmap

Currently, TSG is a PAN India company covering 40+ cities, 200+ schools (in-school programs), 10+ academies (After School Hours). For the forthcoming years, it plans to expand to 500+ schools and 250+ academies.

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