K11 School of Fitness Sciences: Reigniting the Curiosity of Learning among Students Aspiring to be Fitness Professionals
K11 School of Fitness Sciences

Fitness and healthcare have gained prominence in today’s world. Almost everyone intends to lead a healthy life by performing various exercises and maintaining a healthy diet, while cutting down on medicines and antibiotics. Accordingly, they consult fitness experts, who can guide them towards healthy living. This is where the leading fitness schools come into play. They nurture individuals to become skilled professionals in the field of fitness and healthcare.

One such renowned name in the field of fitness sciences and education is K11 School of Fitness Sciences. Founded in 2003 and headquartered at Mumbai, it is India’s foremost academic institution in the space of vocational education, as it pertains to vocations in the fitness industry. The school is dedicated to the cause of building stellar careers for individuals who aspire to have a bright future in the fitness industry.

The Beginning

The idea of K11 School of Fitness Sciences actually arose from a very simple need to fulfill manpower requirement of the Gym Set-Up Consultancy being run by the Co-Founders & Directors, Mr. Kaizzad Capadia & Ms. Devaki Khimji. Ms. Devaki had the idea to start a school that could provide them with a steady stream of human resource on a regular basis for their gym. This thought evolved over time and eventually became the flag bearer for K11.

Mr. Kaizzad realized that his core competency lay in education and thus gave up his consultancy and other businesses that would take up his time so that he could devote his entire time and resources to the development of the school.

A Multitude of Courses

K11 School offers a variety of courses, all aimed at making a student an excellent fitness professional . The courses are designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge, while improving their skills and preparing them to face the challenges of the professional arena. Different courses offered by the school include:

Diploma in Personal Training: The Diploma in Personal Training Course is the foundation course in Exercise Science that provides comprehensive theoretical and practical, vocational education, equipping the student with the knowledge base and tools to professionally practice as a qualified, certified Personal Trainer in the fitness industry.

Certified Personal Trainer for Special Populations: The human body comprises of various joints, tissues, and complex systems working together to carry out its functional day-to-day activities. CPT for Special Populations (SP) gives certified personal trainers the added knowledge of various metabolic, musculoskeletal disorders and the contra-indications vis-a-vis those medical conditions.

Certified Sports Nutritionist: The K11 Certified Sports Nutritionist (CSN) Course is specially designed to help qualified nutritionists, personal trainers/ gym instructors, and group fitness instructors obtain the knowledge required to prescribe nutrition plans for active, exercising individuals, and even competitive athletes.

Excellent Infrastructural Facilities

K11 believes in providing not only top quality education, but also a top quality learning experience for its students. The school has classrooms and a lab for students to receive a hands on, supervised, instructor-led learning experience.

To provide a conducive environment for theoretical learning, K11 has temperature-controlled classrooms fitted with high-tech AV and WiFi connectivity. For practical learning, students are introduced to a state-of-the-art, fully equipped gym floor.

Additionally, the CEO of the school, Ms. Kalyani Capadia, is driven to make K11 a technology-driven school. Accordingly, she has chosen state-of-the-art CRM; has come up with K11’s own Assessment App; and is now in process of developing a customised ERP for the school.

The Visionary Front Runners

K11 School marches ahead towards achieving excellence in healthcare and fitness under the dedicated leadership of Mr. Kaizzad Capadia & Ms. Kalyani Capadia, the Co-Founder & Director  and CEO.  Apart from being an extremely successful personal trainer, Mr. Capadia became a very trusted Gym Set-Up consultant in the late 1990’s. Mr. Capadia & Ms. Khimji would take up turnkey projects for setting up gyms. This would involve a 3 month “set-up” period before the gym would be fully operational. During this set-up period, Mr. Capadia ran training programs for the group of fitness instructors who were shortlisted to work in that particular gym.

Notable Collaborations 

K11 has, for the longest time, been the largest human resource provider to the Indian fitness industry. Top gym chains conduct campus placement drives across the various K11 Schools. Some of its renowned clients include Fitness First, Cult Fit, Anytime Fitness, Talwalkar’s Better Value Fitness, and many more.

K11 also has strong ties with large gym chains in the UAE. It has a special placement assistance cell which liaisons with the industry to provide job opportunities to its graduates. The company believes that success of the students is the key to its success.

Towards a Bright Future 

Marching forward, K11’s road map is very clear. The school aims to obtain direct portability for its diploma holders anywhere across the world. This ball has already been set in motion by the K11 diploma being recognized by Register for Exercise Professionals India Foundation.

Owing to this recognition, the diploma is already recognized for employment, without having to give any additional competency exams, in the countries where fitness professionals can put their skills to good use, namely, the UAE, UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Poland, and Ireland.

Recently K11 has also partnered with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in a bid to open doors of the United States of America for Indian fitness professionals hoping to work there. The K11 DPT holders, who are REPS INDIA members, will have the opportunity to be qualified with an NCCA accredited qualification via the globally reputed NASM CPT Certification. Thus, this collaboration between NASM and K11 will allow graduates of the program, to gain portability of education in the United States of America, apart from all the countries that have a Register for Exercise Professionals (REPs) affiliated to the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPS)

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