This year, Average Teacher Wages Increased by 9.1%

The Idaho Department of Education reports that this school year’s average teacher compensation in Idaho grew by 9.1% to $61,516.

Salary averages have increased by $5,151 since the 2022–2023 academic year. Additionally, during the previous ten years—since the career ladder’s inception—average incomes have climbed by 28%.

The results for this year include basic pay in addition to additional compensation that is set by the specific districts and charter schools. The average was determined by dividing the overall salary of about $1 billion, plus $18 million in additional pay, by the 17,949 full-time teachers in the state.

Without additional compensation, the average teacher makes $60,510.

To get the statewide averages for each district and charter, click this link. To view the salary rise at each district and charter over the previous ten years, click this link. Idaho teachers make 8.5% less money than the $66,745 national average.

Furthermore, according to the most recent data from the National Education Association, the average wage of classroom teachers fell by an estimated 6.4% over the previous ten years when adjusted for inflation.

The average teacher salary in four districts and twelve charter schools exceeds $70,000. The district that pays the most, Blaine County School District, averages $90,942. The first sixteen are:

  • Blaine County — $90,942.
  • The Kootenai Bridge Academy — $81,716.
  • Legacy Public Charter — $79,000.
  • Isucceed Virtual High — $76,835.
  • Victory Charter — $74,980.
  • Liberty Charter — $74,974.
  • Island Park Charter — $74,492.
  • Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy — $73,455.
  • Meridian Technical Charter — $73,438.
  • Genesee — $73,246.
  • Vision Charter — $73,112.
  • McCall-Donnelly — $72,906.
  • Gem Prep: Online — $72,815.
  • Boise — $72,228.
  • Upper Carmen Public Charter— $71,143.
  • Idaho Virtual Education Partners — $70,800.

The districts and charters with the highest and lowest salaries differ significantly from one another. The 16 lowest paid teachers make 49% less money than the 16 best paid teachers.

Additionally, the data reveals that the little Prairie Elementary School District witnessed a 41% gain, going from $44,375 to $62,588; Parma and Marsing likewise experienced notable increases, at 24.9% and 28.4%, respectively.

The average was higher overall than the previous year, but there were decreases in seven districts and charters: Oneida County (-2.4%), West Bonner County School District (-.2%), Rolling Hills Public Charter (-.3%), Elevate Academy, Nampa (-2.6%), Idaho Virtual High School (-4%), Fern-Waters Public Charter (-9.7%), and West Bonner County School District (-.4%).

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