Universities Under Federal Investigation for Antisemitism now Includes George Mason University
George Mason University
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Following claims of antisemitism on campus, the Biden administration opened an investigation into George Mason University. This brings the university to the list of academic institutions under federal investigation following anti-Israel demonstrations that broke out following the Jewish State’s war against Hamas in response to terrorist attacks on the nation on October 7.

The Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education began looking into a number of universities, including Stanford and Harvard, in addition to George Mason University. George Mason was the subject of a Department of Education investigation for “discrimination involving shared ancestry” on December 22.

A campus representative told The Christian Post on Wednesday that George Mason campus “has a proud history of robust inclusivity that includes welcoming students, faculty, and staff from all walks of life.”

“We achieve this by upholding the First Amendment’s requirements for free speech, which all public universities must adhere to, while also providing a secure and encouraging environment for learning, teaching, and living.”
The spokesperson continued, “We are confident that the Department of Education’s review will confirm that George Mason University has acted well within the letter and spirit of laws and the First Amendment. Our policies, procedures, and public statements are transparent and well-documented.”

In October, a George Mason student was seen on social media tearing down two fliers depicting hostages kidnapped by Hamas. The footage was posted by the Jewish advocacy group Stop Antisemitism. In one of the bloodiest attacks in Israeli history, the terror group attacked Israel on October 7, murdering 1,200 people—including 31 Americans—and kidnapping another 240 more.

The student is heard being asked why she was pulling down the flyers by the person recording the video. In response, the student charged that the individual was disseminating “propaganda.” The student reacted to the man’s request for one of the flyers that the girl had torn down by tearing it into tiny pieces and crumpling it.

“What makes you believe this is okay? The man taking the video asked, holding up one of the flyers, “These people were kidnapped.” “This man is Thai, not even Israeli.”
The student said, “That’s great,” and she and her friend left.

In a statement released on October 31, George Mason University stated that it had begun an investigation into the Johnson Center incident and that doxing and property destruction are not examples of “constitutionally protected speech.”

The statement said, “We will address the conduct in accordance with our student code of conduct, even though the Commonwealth’s Attorney has advised us that it does not appear to be criminal in nature.”

George Mason University is acting in accordance with its continued commitment to upholding a welcoming environment for everyone.”

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