Ticking the Option which Reads “None of the Above”

So the question is – what do you want to become once you grow up. And the most frequently answered options be Doctor, Engineer, or Lawyer, the patent career options individual choose and plan an educational and professional journey accordingly. This almost seems like answering a MCQ in a test, option A, option B, option C or none of the above. This last option is the answer to maybe a very few questions, but yes it can be the correct answer.

Gone are the days, when students had limited career options and were forced to do something which was completely opposite to their goals. As the saying goes ‘change is the only constant’, it has come true in this scenario and new, fresh, out-of-the-box career options have come into play. Living in such modern times, the numerous doors of opportunities have opened and a wide-range of career choices has flourished. Over the last few years, a boon is experienced in the growth of diversity and creative ideas that students have come up with. The society and communities have also broadened their mindsets and are going forward with a practical approach.

Discovering the ‘one-to-many’ Career Options     

Taking all this into consideration, choosing a career is often the most difficult part in a student’s life as the succeeding years depend on it. The students should be well aware of their areas of interest and set short or long term goals to achieve them accordingly. This is will help the students to explore different fields and decide which one of them is most suitable and favorable for the longer run. These kinds of experiments should be conducted at a tender age, in fact school authorities should take effective initiatives for students to appear aptitude tests and take consulting. In this way, the students are able to understand their positives and negatives and know more about a particular field so as to plan ahead for the educational and professional journey.

Talking about the various fields, one of the most hyped and talked about field is Design. This particular field has shown tremendous alternations and has stepped up a notch day-by-day and become a brand value in itself. Design is a form of art just like any other, be it fashion designing, graphic designing or even interior designing, it was a medium to express oneself through creative and innovative ideas. The graph of designing has evolved and is continuously on a rise keeping in account with the on-going momentum. Hence, it has become a potential career for the youth.

A balance is observed now in terms of number of engineers, doctors and designers, one of the major reason of this also due to the changing lifestyles and the ever so fascinating social media. Be it wearing the outfits that scream style and elegance or the beautiful crafted contemporary setups of houses, design is everywhere. The world of design is clearly on cloud nine and is exploring untouched directions to reach new destinations every now and then. This in turn has given students that extra push, which is often needed in the start of their designing career.

The various mediums or platforms of influence like television, computers, and mobiles have impeccably attracted the younger generation of audience to watch and learn the trends in designing. Students can the get some essential guidance for taking the initial step in starting a business by upgrading to free tutorials for basic information regarding the courses. Getting the basics clear is like building a strong foundation, where the pillars will shine to its glory. Looking at the existing picture, the start-up world has blossomed overnight by its outstanding ideas and creativity. Many youngsters have been toiling for long hours to accomplish their set goals and become a brand name in the upcoming times.

Going Ahead

This has given the budding students and entrepreneurs the much needed assurance in terms of designing having a wide-ranging scope in the national and international market. Talent and hard work is always appreciated and it has no boundaries, even though a student has pursued a design degree from any particular country, the students can opt for further studies or even find a potential job abroad to learn and experience the world of design.

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