Tmrw: A new Learning Operating System for global education launched in UAE

In a mission to bring quality education model to every child, TMRW, a new scalable LearnOS was launched for global education in UAE, by Global Education Management System or GEMS Education, an international education management firm and global advisory company. World’s biggest runner of KG-to-grade12 schools (80 plus in numbers), GEMS Education is operating across a dozen countries.

The Tmrw platform is an all-in-one integrated and interoperable OS, built for government run schools from developed and developing countries. It is affordable and accessible and can easily reach to the students irrespective of their ability to pay or their social background. The design is universal, meaning it can used across any context, curriculum, and models of learning including physical, virtual and hybrid. Eventually, Tmrw aims to strengthen teaching, learning, and functional requirements of every student from K12 to higher to lifelong learner.

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