To Increase Medal’s Tally at Indian Olympics, IIT Madras, IIS Develop Boxing Analytics Software
Indian Olympics

With the aim to increase India’s boxing medal tally at the 2024 Olympics, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras researchers are accompanying with Inspire Institute of Sports (IIS) in Bellary, Karnataka and developing a cost-efficient boxing analytics platform for the students.

The platform will be known as ‘Smartboxer’. The platform has been developed as a multi-version software by the Centre of Excellence for Sports Science and Analytics at IIT- Madras; it will provide an immense competitive edge among Indian athletes.

The platform will also provide timely feedback and performance assessments through the Internet of Things (IoT)- enabled video cameras and other wearable sensors. And Inspire Institute of Sports (IIS) will analyze the boxers’ performance through the ‘Smartboxer’ platform.

It will help the coaches and boxers to know the performances based on the feedback incorporated into the IIS platform. The platform will also assist in solving sports-related challenges and designing better sports equipment.