To make Education accessible to Students an 850 meters Bridge constructed in Jharkhand

The villagers of Kasta Village under Nala Block of Jamtara have constructed a nearly one-kilometer-long bamboo bridge in order to make schools and colleges reachable for their children. The decision to construct a bridge was with one accord taken after the authorities failed to build the bridge despite repeated requests.

This crowdfunded bridge has cut short the 25 kilometres long distance which has benefitted over thirty thousand people. This bridge is used by more than 3,500 people daily including students, daily workers, businessmen for work, and attending colleges daily. The funds for building this bridge were collected from villagers and an investment of nearly one lakh rupees was required for the erection. According to Kasta Gram Pradhan because the authorities failed to do so, with the crowdfunded money it took about a month for the entire construction.

This has been one of the historic crowdfunding in Jharkhand for the purpose of education.

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