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An age-old couplet from Hindu mythology briefly translates to ‘When My Teacher is standing with The God, whom shall I greet first? It shall definitely be the Teacher; after all he was the one who made me aware about the significance of God in the first place!’

Such has been the timeless beauty of ‘Master-Pupil’ relationship in our mother-land that this bonding has maintained its gravity since ages without even being stained a tad due to the changing tides of the time.

Because Background Matters

Though, with the passage of time the definition of Teachers and the Art of Teaching per-se has changed a lot. Its rainbow of benefaction has expanded widely. Its role and significance has too attained some inflation. But all these has done nothing but elevated the importance and relevance of this profession at large.

Teachers have never been the part of On-Screen Glitters that we see. They are the ones who sing the success scores from background. Teachers are a critical foundation of every society’s long-term robustness. They have always been. Teachers not only help enriching young minds, children, and adults with the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their potentials, but also, enable them to feel the freedom of excellence.

India has a deep-rooted history as far as the field of education is concerned and the contribution, talent and skills of our very own educationalists, teachers and lecturers have been acknowledged globally.

Disruption of Status-quo

Famous Ecologist Charles Darwin had very rightly said “If One wants to Survive, one needs to Change”. Adaptation with the changing times is the key to survival. Our educational sector needs the same. It needs to adapt with the changing needs of our society. It needs to build the platform over which our today’s and the up- coming generations can flourish. The Education and Learning’s being imparted to the student-clan across the country needs a deep introspection. What is being imparted, how it is being imparted, whom it is being imparted? All these needs to be addressed. Small changes in the educational sector will lead to greater cascading effects and changes in our society.

There is a dire need of some substantial reforms, and this brings the 21st Century Educationists and The Educational Leaders into the central picture. Educational leaders have an influential role in inspiring, motivating, affirming and also challenging or extending the practice and pedagogy of educators. Besides, catering and acknowledging the requirements of student community, the Educational Leaders have an all-important responsibility to meet the satisfaction of the Teacher’s community as well.

Empowerment of the ‘Vital Cogs’

The Dream of Students Empowerment will be a far-cry from realization if the interests of the teachers and educators are not given the deserving importance. Their wings shall always be given the strength to fly if we want the students’ community to attain greater heights.

Of late, there have been a lot of talks about the ‘Need of Freedom in Educational Sector’. The question arises do we really need this?  If needed, in what terms?

Around the world, far too many teachers don’t have support and freedom they need to do their important jobs. That’s why “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers is the theme of this year’s World Teacher’s Day. It recognizes the challenges many encounter in their professional lives across the globe and also reaffirms the value of empowered teachers.

Freedom is critical for teachers at every steps of education either it can be primary, secondary or higher levels. This supports their ability to explore, innovate and stay up-to-date on the latest research. There is a need to eliminate the restrictions in academic freedom which undermines the quality of education that teachers can deliver. Today’s educational leaders always strive to achieve this freedom.

Educationalist – A Catalyst & a Facilitator

The Educational Leaders have to wear multiple hats in order to effectively deliver their responsibilities. If one day he needs to be a Resource Provider, the next day he might be required to be an Instructional Specialist. He/she is the one who not only shapes the curriculum but also the one who acts a classroom supporter, a learning facilitator, a leader, a learner and a mentor, all at the same time!

More importantly, besides helping the students achieving their dreams, the Educational Leaders have to take care of the Educators and the Teachers too. The Educational Leaders are the mentors and leaders for the teachers as much as they are for the students.

If someone is lucky at one point in his/her life an inspiring leader will change the way they see the world. All the educators on this list have done that, in various ways, for teachers, students and lifelong learner across the globe. They have created cutting-edge tools to increase access to learning and anticipated the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. They are playing a vital role in inspiring other teachers to give the best of themselves in the classroom. In a wide range of ways, these educators are innovating the ways we learn. Let us all celebrate the lives of Enlightened Hearts on this list who have always kept the benefit of society above their own.

 Enlightened Hearts strengthens the empowered hands, Empowered Hands shape educated minds & Educated Minds create a better society.                      

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