Top 5 free pdf plagiarism checkers for research papers
Pdf plagiarism checker

Stealing is not only done of material things but copying someone’s work and their content and passing it out as your own is also considered to be an act of theft commonly referred to as ‘’plagiarism’’.

We all know how significant is it to produce articles which are free of plagiarism because we do not want to get ourselves in trouble. Plagiarism is an important concern not only for students making assignments or working on research papers but also for content creators and article writers. Plagiarism can sure invite serious trouble since you are said to violate the copyright laws if your article contains plagiarism.

Things get a little more complicated when we examine the different types of plagiarism. You might be plagiarizing content without knowing and it can end up inviting trouble. From your end, you might be using quality content and everything might be right on point but you might end up getting your research paper rejected and with serious consequences.

Research papers involve doing a lot of research and it is natural to look through other people’s researches and the studies that they have made to know their idea about a certain thing.  This is where the plagiarism comes in since you might be taking their work without their permission.

Ways to avoid plagiarism and how can we detect it?

Since there are times when you have to explore things from here and there especially when you are making a research paper, it is of significance to know ways in which plagiarism can be avoided and how we can detect it to be sure that our paper is plagiarism-free.

Refer to the information below to get an idea of both.

  1. Paraphrase the content
    Paraphrasing is not as simple as it might seem. There is a category of plagiarism which is referred to as ‘’paraphrasing plagiarism’’ and it targets the plagiarism occurring in content which is paraphrased. Hence, it is very important to know how you can paraphrase the content eliminating plagiarism totally and avoiding it to the maximum.
  2. Give the source reference
    Plagiarism won’t be an issue if you will simply mention the individual who did the research instead of making it look like your own. You can also manage the sources you are referring to and use tools like EndNote to help you in that aspect.
  3. Use quotation marks
    If you cannot help but copy some research belonging to someone else, you can simply make use of quotation marks. Quotation marks are a clear indication that whatever you are mentioning is not yours and belongs to someone else.
  4. Use a plagiarism detector
    Most importantly, plagiarism can easily be checked through the use of a plagiarism detector. There are many present online which are both for free and paid. You can choose the one which suits your needs and document type. For example, if your document is in PDF format, you can choose the pdf plagiarism checker to help you serve the purpose.Below, we have shortlisted 5 free pdf plagiarism checkers which are specifically for research papers.

Top 5 free pdf plagiarism checkers for research papers

PDF format is the most common one used for research papers since it does not depend upon the kind of software or device it is being opened on.

When it comes to plagiarism checkers, there is an extensive list that you can find available online. However, users are always confused about some authentic and efficient tool to work with. Below, we have selected 5 of the best free pdf plagiarism checkers especially for your research papers.

  1. Quetext
    Quetext has the ability to deeply scan through your text. Instead of just getting an overview and surface scanning, it dives deep into the text to search for plagiarized content. It has the ability to catch plagiarism even if some of the words have been changed.Quetext has an interface which provides you with the ability to paste the URLs which you want to exclude which plagiarism is checked.
    When it comes to privacy, Quetext has claimed that your privacy is their first and foremost concern and hence, they have taken the right measures to protect it.It has both a free plan and a paid version however, the free plan is sufficient.
  2. Plagtracker
    This tool works efficiently and does not even cost you a penny in return. It goes through a long list of documents and links to look for any kind of plagiarized content. There’s a large database against which your documents can be scanned.The best thing about plagtracker is that it works for free and has no limitations to the number of documents which can be for plagiarism. What’s better than this?Having a user-friendly interface, unlimited scans, creation of a report which has the links with sites, it can do all of that within seconds.
  3. Prepostseo
    Prepostseo is one of the most reliable plagiarism checker for research papers which can be found online. It detects different types of plagiarism and hence, you do not have to worry about different variations.Coming towards the privacy, it has copyrights levied which means your content is protected through all possible means so you can use it without any kind of hesitation.It is one of the best pdf plagiarism checkers that you can find and with that, it also supports different formats and numerous languages. So you get all in one kind of package for free.
  4. Plagiarism Checker X
    A pdf plagiarism checker which detects it by going through numerous search engines. It has an updated algorithm. This algorithm matches the keywords against other thousands available out there to make sure that your content is unique in every aspect.It is multi-lingual. Supports numerous languages.
  5. Plagramme
    The free edition of plagramme has some limitations that come with it but the basic features that it has to offer the audience, including the pdf plagiarism checking, are highly commendable and efficient.Includes a scoring system, advanced plagiarism checking and everything that you would want in a suitable plagiarism checker.

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