Top 5 online eBooks sites to buy books in 2021
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“Why read?” one might ask.

Well, the primary reason to read is so that the reader can expand his mind.

For example, a writer writes so that he/she can formulate and organize an informed, coherent, and sophisticated set of ideas about something important. A reader can experience the formation of those ideas and internalize them as their own. At the very least, the reader comes out with a new perspective on important matters, thus expanding his own horizon of sophisticated ideas.

But then why would one bother with understanding or developing a sophisticated set of ideas? Because it’s the same as thinking. It is important to think because action based on thinking is likely to be far less painful and far more productive than action based on ignorance.

So, if one wants to live a life characterized by competence, productivity, originality, security, and engagement rather than one that is nasty, brutish, and short, one needs to think carefully about important issues.

And to do so, one must read.

In these perilous times, with more bookstores closing down every day, and vaccination yet to be in circulation, getting a good book to your liking from your local bookstore is sure to be tough.

But not to worry, we have a solution for you. It’s not a groundbreaking discovery, but a reality that is more useful relevant than ever before: eBooks!

eBooks are already in great demand as most of the tech savvy millennials prefer carrying mobile devices and eBook readers in comparison to carrying around paperbacks and hardcovers.

Here are five of the top eBook download sites:

Project Gutenberg

The popular online free eBooks distribution platform Project Gutenberg offers more than 57,000 free eBooks from the public domain. It is fee to read and redistribute, you do not need any custom applications and there are no fees. The latest New York Times bestsellers may not be available on Project Gutenberg, but you can find plenty of great classics available for no cost at all.

Internet archive / Open Library

The Internet archive offers more than 15,000,000 freely downloadable books and texts. At Internet Archive, people are also encouraged to contribute physical items or uploading digital materials.

Created by Aaron Swartz, Open Library is a non-profit internet archive that is open and an editable library catalog. Open library is now a part of the Internet Archive, and also one of the best book promotion sites. The Open Library is one of the best places to download eBooks in the whole world.

With such impressive qualities and the gargantuan collection of books and texts, The internet archive is surely one of the best places to download eBooks.


BookPebble is quickly becoming a go-to site for many book aficionados as well as authors who are looking for ways to promote their books. For readers BookPebble has a sizable collection of free as well as buyable books, and when you sign up, they catalog your reading preferences and recommend similar books and exciting deals. Bookpebble also teaches you of ways to promote your book on their platform.

Baen Free Library

Bean is an American publisher with vast collection of science fiction and gfantasy genre books, and its eBooks store is well known for reasonable prices and other consumer-friendly features, like the lack of DRM(digital rights management), which means you can copy the books across devices without restriction. The publisher hosts a roster of well-established writers including Lois McMaster Bujold, John Scalzi, and Michael A. Stackpole.

Nook, Kindle, Kobo etc.

From iTunes to Google Play, to nook, to Flipkart, almost all the platforms where you can buy books also has a collection of eBooks that ranges from classics that are now in the public domain, along with self-published books, also sometimes the new york times bestsellers ebooks free download.

Also, these platforms are great for writers who do not have the necessary knowledge or expertise to advertise their work. Many of these platforms have the ‘advertise my book’ service where even you can know how to promote your own book. With such cool features, it is no wonder that such platforms are the preferred choice of so many customers to buy eBooks online and to buy ebooks cheap.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit these top eBooks download sites and avail yourself to their daily eBook deals.

Also, there are lots of resources for readers today, where they can go online and download eBooks for free.

image credits – Perfecto Capucine

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